No Off Days

Happy Monday! I'm currently working on a post about our 4th of July weekend (yes, a week late #AsAlways), but in the meantime, I wanted to share Shaeken, LLC's latest shirts with you. 

Make your next workout worthy of a #GymSelfie with our new tees and tanks!


These shirts, titled No Off Days | Lifting and No Off Days | Running, are available for preorder now through my Etsy shop or on my Facebook page! They are each available on a variety of shirt colors (ink will be green/gray or yellow/white, as pictured) and in THREE styles: unisex tee ($18), unisex tank ($20) or flowy tank($20)! I'm a big fan of the flowy tanks - for those of you who like sporting a racerback tank but want some modesty, this is perfect: it's flowy, so not tight, and the neckline isn't cut too low, either. 

Preorders will be taken through Sunday, July 19, and only a limited number will be available after that! Shipping is $6 for the first item and $2 for any additional items. Questions or want to order? Email shaekenLLC (at) gmail (dot) com, visit my Facebook page or Etsy shop, or comment below :) 


Weekend: Offseason

On Friday, a new coworker and I were discussing our love of sports, our favorite teams, etc. and I made the comment "I really don't like summer... no stock shows, no football, no basketball...it's just so boring!" I didn't realize then that I would spend what felt like my entire weekend watching sports!

Friday evening, Matt and I went to an OKC Dodgers game and I had an absolute blast. I've never known much baseball or followed it closely, but it was a great way to spend a beautiful Friday evening. I'm already trying to figure out when we can go again! Bonus: since we got tickets through Matt's work, we also got matching baseball hats!
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On Saturday, my mom let me know my brothers were going to be playing summer league games at their school that afternoon. Never one to pass up an opportunity to watch my favorite Panthers, I enjoyed spending the afternoon in the stands cheering them on.

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Sunday I spent a couple more hours in Amber watching Kale play. After cheer practices + games in the new gym all of last year, I forgot just how hot the old gym could get! My mom, pictured below in the lime green t-shirt, actually refereed games in the old gym all day. Yes, in JEANS. And one game in flip flops - a scary thought if you know our accident-prone family (I think the injury gene came from dad's side, not mom's, thankfully!).

This truly was a great offseason weekend. About 5-6 months from now, when there are basketball games most nights of the week + OSU football games on the weekend and a million other things going on, I'm sure we'll be wishing for the slowness of the offseason. Happy Monday, friends! 

PS - is there a Panda Express near you? Eat there today & help fight hunger!


InstaView: February

Despite the best laid plans and all that, it happened again: I forgot about neglected this little corner of the web. This weekend, I told myself, this weekend I'll take pictures so I can do a weekend recap. Instead, this weekend was spent mainly in our sweats staying out of the SnOklahoma weather and trying to stay warm.

So, until I get with it, here's a look at my life in the month of February. 

Craft supplies for Mini Cheer Camp, aka the most exhausting Saturday morning of my year | Having less than half the squad show up for cheer practice means rewarding those who do show up with a fun practice. Keely Bug put her trust in K to do a one man stunt, and they didn't do half bad! | In our family, there are three seasons: stock show, basketball and offseason (when you're getting ready for stock show and basketball seasons, of course!). I'm so proud of K and Kale, and I love spending my evenings in the stands cheering them on. 

February means celebrating Juicy Lucy's birthday! | Shaeken, LLC's Love Never Fails shirts came in during the first week of February and it was so exciting to deliver them! | I was wearing my Love Never Fails shirt at a basketball game and my cousin Jimmie Lea asked where I got it and bought hers on the spot! I knew there was a reason the box of shirts was in my car :)

I enjoy running when there's something to look at. As in, outside. I don't so much enjoy the treadmill because it gets boring watching the same patch of dirt outside the window and I'm afraid if I turn my head to see what's on the gym's TVs I'll fall off the machine. So, I bring my iPad, and there's nothing worse than when it won't work. #LongestRunEver | FFA week was the last week of February and I work with not one but TWO other FFA alumni! You know your office is awesome when you have these kind of coworkers! | My aunt Kandi held a painting party at the beginning of the month and this is my artwork! It's now hanging on our bedroom wall - just enough pink and gold that it makes my heart happy but not so much that Matt gives it the side eye. ;) 

Winter stuck around Oklahoma last week! Matt and I both got off early on Monday so we bundled the dogs up for some fun outside not because they *need* jackets, but because it's just too cute. I mean seriously have you ever seen anything more adorable than Hashtag in her leg warmers? | Click here for the video of Thabo chasing a ball through the snow | Friday was also a leave-work-early day, and my jeep just looked too cool covered in snow not to photograph. #JeepLife
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#EveryDayWithShae: The one where I make a huge announcement. Or two.

Goooooooood Friday morning, friends! I'm looking forward to listening to the Sports Animal this afternoon and hearing the "be happy Friday" song because it TOTALLY is! :) Full disclosure: I'm writing this post on Thursday night and today has just been the BEST week.

First, a huge announcement:
I've decided to take a leap of faith and chase a dream: I'm selling the shirts I design!!

For years, I've designed shirts (among other things) for teams, organizations, events and my day-job. I've wanted to sell my own designs, that I design because I think they're awesome, not because someone asks me to, but have let my own fears hold me back. Finally, last Friday, I knew I couldn't let my fears be bigger than my faith any longer, and designed my first ever, for-sale-because-I-love-it shirt! Without further ado, I present to you....

Love Never Fails

The final design printed on the shirts won't be watermarked, I promise :) I am so thankful for the support and orders I've received from friends and family and even people I don't know already on Facebook & Instagram! I'm taking preorders for these shirts through Sunday and they will be in before Valentine's Day, so if you are interested in snagging one of your own, let me know - email shaeken(at)okstatealumni.org. The prices are: v-neck $22 | dolman $25 | baseball $22 | crew neck $18 (that's clockwise from the top right in the picture above, bee-tee-dub). 

Moving on! Since this is an #EveryDayWithShae post, I thought I would go ahead and give a brief update of what else I talked about this week, too. Sorry it's a day late - you'll forgive me when you see the other announcement at the end of this post! 

On Thursday night, #BabyTate came over. Don't you love how I've turned your child's name into a hashtag, Lori? Tate and Thabo had endless fun playing with pom pom balls in the laundry basket! 

Dad and I both took off work on Friday to surprise Momma at school for her birthday! And surprise her, we did! We even sent a selfie from the cafeteria asking when she was going to come to lunch, and she thought we were just at lunch together in the city and being "annoying!" I think her cake was too perfect - a basketball court with deflated basketballs, her jersey number, a pile of chipped golf balls, and, to represent her current coaching job, shiny new pom poms! :) The home score was 50, in honor of her birthday, and it was on the Tigers side, while the visitors, the Panthers, had a score of 0. She may currently be a Panther, but she was a Tiger first (and at heart!) and said the score is accurate: "we always beat them!!" We continued the celebrating on Sunday at lunch with the family then celebrated Dad's birthday on Tuesday night at dinner!

On Saturday, we finally took down our Christmas tree/decorations. Enough said?

The weather was finally pretty enough this weekend to take a run!! So, on Sunday, after lunch and before cheer practice, Thabo and I did just that! I think chasing him all over the sidewalk was as much of a workout as the run was.

On Monday night, K played in the first round of the Grady County Tournament. We didn't get to go, but they're streaming it online, so we got to watch!! They won and K played so well. Thank you, Kool 105.5, for streaming the games so that those of us who can't make it can still watch! My uncle in Washington got to watch, too.

On Tuesday, I spent all day - literally, all day...didn't stop for lunch - working on a website :)

That continued on Wednesday. After work on Wednesday, Matt and I had the New Members class at our church...so dinner was popcorn. I was so tired!

But that didn't stop me from waking up today to have an AWESOME day! I found my makeup compact that I was SURE was gone forever. My mom sent me a picture showing our HS girls had hit their new stunt. Then, my boss brought breakfast to celebrate....(ready for announcement #2?)...the launch of our new WEBSITE!!! 

Finally, after MONTHS of work, it's here!! I'm SO excited with the newly redesigned www.regionalfoodbank.org. It is so colorful and full of HOPE. Check it out, follow me on Instagram to keep up with all this fun every day and have a great weekend! 

PS - don't forget to preorder your shirt before Sunday if you want one!  


#EveryDayWithShae: Week 2

I'm really enjoying 2015 so far! I mean, I haven't stopped writing 2014 on everything yet (I'll get there!), but so far I would have to say the year is a success.

Last week, the creative & talented Brenna posted on Instagram a picture wearing a blanket scarf and tagged it #DIY. Say what? Yes, this friend of mine made her own version of the blanket scarf I've been drooling over for months. Immediately I asked her to share how she did it and made a trip to Hancock's to make my own. 

Friday night Matt and I stayed in - he did some homework, we watched Criminal Minds (duh) and I spent some time crafting....I promise to reveal this as SOON as it's done because it's going to be SO AWESOME. 

Saturday morning I got to go watch my oldest favorite Panther (I have two!) play basketball - FINALLY! K broke his ankle during the first game of the year (which I had to miss) and was out for the first half of the season. He got to start playing again after Christmas break, and Saturday was the first HS game I've been able to make it to this semester (they've only had a few!). I love watching K and Kale play basketball and show their steers...well really I just love everything about being their sister! 

On Sunday my parents made my dreams come true....we saw GARTH!!! You see, my mom introduced me to great music even before I was born by "taking me" to a Sawyer Brown concert. My childhood soundtrack was full of songs like Thank God for You, I Cross My Heart and The Thunder Rolls. I'm a little hurt that they decided to make the George Strait concert they went to a date night and left me at home...but all was forgiven with this show. With every song Garth played on Sunday I would turn to my mom and say "THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!!" My parents bought the tickets for themselves, me & Matt, and my brothers for Christmas. Mom has the video of the 4 of us "kids" opening our stockings and I'm afraid my screaming might have broken her phone speakers :) So, again....Momma and Daddy - THANK YOU!!!!!

On Monday night, after I helped my Grandma Nett set up her new iPad, I went home and worked a little more on the craft project from above...Yes, it has a name! I have one step left, and I think I'll be able to get it done this weekend then I'll share what it is. :)

On Tuesday, I shared a real picture wearing my scarf. I love it so much and thought the outfit was so cute that I totally used Photo Booth to take a picture before having coworker take one for Brenna's blog! Since I know everyone wants one, go over to the Frilly Farm Girl blog to see how to make your own (PS the flannel was half off at Hancock's last week when I went, so maybe you'll luck out and only pay $6 for this incredible scarf, too!!). This is literally a 3-minute project, not including drive time. 

Yesterday was going to be a busy day, and Thabo just knew he was going to need extra sleep to tackle it. When Matt leaves for work in the morning, he tosses the puppies on the bed with me and I get to snuggle with two adorable little faces for a few minutes until my alarm goes off. Then, they lay on the bed patiently while I get ready. When I turned on the lamp and got out of bed on this day, Thabo gave me this "Please, just a few more minutes of sleep!" look. Yesterday's busy day involved a full day of designing, designing, designing at work (I'm really glad I'm not having some sort of weird creative black right now!) followed by the New Members Class at the church we are joining (yay for fellowship and new friends!), then Arby's for dinner (double yay for not having to cook one night, haha). 

Today is yet another busy, full day at work ("busy season" is in full swing right now...though it never truly stops around here!) and tonight we might finally get our tree down. I had a dream last night that we did, so it's a good sign, right? :) Don't forget, you can follow #EveryDayWithShae on Instagram and see what else I'm up to!