Even if I only post once a month what we're currently up to, I'm determined to do it - I really want to have this blog and be able to look back in the future at where we are now. I saw this 'currently' linkup on the faith, football & fairytales blog, I decided to join in!

Making: Lots of shirts, a few party invitations, and always new things at my day job! Shaeken, LLC has been steadily busy, which absolutely still blows my mind and makes me thankful every day for the chance to chase my dreams. Aside from our glitter backpacks (still 3 available at the introductory price!), we haven't done any preorders since Valentine's Day, but have still had several custom shirt requests, which I always love to do. One of my favorites, pictured below, was an Easter tee for a coworker's adorable daughter. I'm currently working on a birthday onesie for our friends' one-year-old, team shirts for cheerleaders, and a couple of workout shirts, to name a few things!

Monogram leggings are my favorite these days!

Easter Bunny Ruffle Tee

Wishlisting: you know you're old when on your wishlist is more 'house stuff' than fun stuff!! I am wanting to get some sort of freestanding pantry to add more storage to our kitchen/dining area! I'm dreaming of something with an open area perfect for my Keurig and KitchenAid (or Keurig and toaster if Matt has his way...we'll see!).

Cleaning: our cooktop! When we moved in, there was a horrible burn stain on the cooktop. My aunt told me about CeramaBryte when we were baking for Easter and my stove hasn't been the same since. I was able to get the burn mark off, and now I'm just constantly keeping it buffed to a looking-brand-new shine!

Posting: on Snapchat (@shaeken) and #FightHunger everywhere on social media! Click here to see how you can join the Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign just by posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!

Tasting: At the moment, water with MIO added. I don't like the taste of the water here at work, so I tend to gravitate toward diet coke way.too.often. They upped the prices on the vending machine this week so I'm taking that as a sign to STOP with the diet coke! I've been drinking my Spark in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon - Green Apple is my favorite followed closely by Fruit Punch.


Happy Birthday, Magan: 25 for $2,500 for 25

January 30, 1991 is forever etched in my memory. A girl born on that day took half my spotlight, left teeth marks on my arm and ultimately became my best friend. Her name is Magan, and this year, she turns 25. For her 25th birthday she is asking her family and friends to help her raise $2,500 for Cavett Kids, an organization near to her heart:
I think we need more love in the world. We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that. 
I became involved in the Cavett Kids Foundation a little over 2 years ago when I attended the Cavett Kids Got Talent Fundraiser. I instantly fell in love with this foundation and could not wait to get involved and find out more! Here I am two years later, an active volunteer and a member of the Cavett Advocacy Board. Cavett Kids has transformed not only my perspective but my life since I became involved. Danny Cavett, the founder of Cavett Kids, is one of the most genuine, upstanding people I have ever had the opportunity to know. When I am with my Cavett Family, I am surrounded by the most incredible kids, phenomenal staff, and wonderful volunteers and donors that I have ever met! I never leave an event with my heart untouched. On January 30, 2016 I will turn 25 years old. A few months ago I began thinking about my birthday and what I wanted to do to make birthday number 25 a memorable one. After quite a bit of praying, God laid the $2,500 for 25 in 25 campaign idea on my heart. What does that mean exactly? Well, from January 5, 2016 until January 30, 2016 (25 days) I want to push to raise $2,500 for the Cavett Kids Foundation. The $2,500 I hope to raise would help children with chronic and life threatening illnesses go to summer camp and have THE MOST FUN, EVER! Trust me, I know, I have been and it’s a BLAST! The camps and programs offered by the Cavett Kids Foundation are at no cost to the camper or their family, so we rely on AWESOME donors like YOU to help send our kids to a place where illness does not define the child. I am asking my family and friends that in lieu of a birthday present, to make a donation to this campaign. Even if you don’t know me, I am asking you to make a donation to this campaign. Before I go, I want to share one of my very favorite Cavett Kids memories.

One of the first Cavett Kids I had the opportunity to meet was Melanie. In 2005, at 12 years old, Melanie was diagnosed with medulloblastoma brain cancer. For nearly 10 years, Melanie fought a hard, but good fight with cancer. Unfortunately, in December 2014, Melanie lost her battle with cancer but she won the war as she was welcomed into the arms of Jesus. I met Melanie in the spring of 2014 at a golf tournament. She swooned over the professional long driver who was working one of the holes at the tournament and I began to get to know Melanie. I saw Melanie again in August at Kamp Courage, my first camp experience. The entire time I knew Melanie, her mobility was limited to a wheelchair; however, that did not keep a smile off of her face. I will never forget walking down to the horse stables to watch the kids ride horses. Melanie wanted to ride a horse so badly but wasn’t sure if she would be capable because of the wheelchair. So, what did we do? We got Melanie on that horse. She was lifted by volunteers onto the horse and guided around the riding area. I can still hear her laugh and see her smile. For the 5-10 minutes she was on that horse; Melanie forgot about her cancer and she forgot about the wheelchair. She was just a girl having the time of her life on a horse. That’s what Cavett Kids is all about, giving these kids a chance to do things they normally wouldn’t be able to do. Cavett Kids helps these kids cope with their illnesses, connect with their fellow campers through their illnesses, and to build character despite their illnesses. Cavett Kids aren’t survivors, we are thrivers. It is my birthday wish that you will make a donation that will go toward enhancing a child’s life. Thank you, so much in advance and God bless.
“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2
Click here to make a donation to Magan's 25 for $2,500 for 25 birthday fundraiser

Happy birthday, Mag. I love you!


Dear #TechSupport,

I'm sorry. I truly am.

I know you're 24/7, but I'm quite certain you didn't anticipate a really excited, impatient, creative person interrupting your relaxing Sunday afternoon. I bet you didn't anticipate me interrupting your MNF viewing, either, so I'm sure the during-business-hours call that I couldn't answer was the ideal compromise...sorry I couldn't answer, but this exciting project is "just" a side job (and "just" a crazy dream that I'm seeing come true, so bear with me!), so I can't answer the phone and troubleshoot during the day. But, thanks for returning my call during the Jets-Colts game tonight.

I appreciate your patience after saying "to get to this next piece, you're going to need an Allen wrench," when my response was "hold on, let me look for that real quick..." I know you heard the frantic typing as I google image searched "Allen wrench" - but really, if Matt's toolbox was labeled "this is a screwdriver" and "this is a drill bit" and so on, it would be easier. Just kidding, I know what a screwdriver is. Anyway, it was probably clear to you that I had NO CLUE what I was talking about after my Google search, especially considering my dear husband informed me we do in fact have an Allen wrench that goes on the end of the screw driver (WHAT? GOOGLE!?), so thanks for not laughing.

I was at least able to see the part in question, and I'm sure my creative description of what I was looking at was one of the most entertaining things you'd heard all evening... "So that green strip? It looks like someone took a bite out of it. You know, like an apple, but not smooth like the Apple logo, more like real teeth, it's jagged-y. Wait! I think that green thing is a computer part. Oh yeah, to answer your question, yes, maybe part of it could be melted."

When you said you would call back at 7:00 in the morning to help me order the part, I'm sure my hopeful-to-high-pitched "Pacific time? Oh, no...EASTERN time? Ohhh-kay." gave away my dislike of mornings, so if I'm a little groggy at 6:00 a.m CST when my phone rings to place the order, I apologize. That's way before my usual wake up time, but maybe I'll get up and do something productive. Haha, just kidding.

And though we haven't had this conversation yet, I apologize before it even happens... I will probably ask if you offer free two-day shipping, and if you don't, I will be checking for the part on AmazonPrime as I'm placing the order with you. I'm really impatient, as discussed earlier, and AmazonPrime is just so convenient.

Thanks so much for all your help,



It's FRIDAY! Can I get an amen? And I'm turning up to class two weeks in a row, #ThankYouVeryMuch.

We spent most of Labor Day weekend in Dallas and, until the morning we left, had the BEST time. We stayed at a beautiful hotel (but I'm not linking to it, for many reasons), enjoyed a day of shopping at the Allen Outlets & the Container Store, ate In & Out Burger and the most delicious hole-in-the-wall, Piggie Pie Pizza, and watched plenty of college football! Unfortunately, someone decided they wanted the purchases we had made and stole them from our vehicle, and the hotel waived it off and acted as though it was a common occurrence. Thankfully Officer Jefferson with the Dallas PD was nice to work with and our credit card company is being helpful so far. Also, the kindness of another person toward me and my business totally made my Sunday morning bearable and reminded me that people are good, and not to let the bad influence my overall outlook. So, while it's been a frustrating week and I no longer have the beautiful JCrew skirt I planned to wear in our Christmas pictures (seriously guys, it was perfect), life goes on, and I'm seeking the good rather than dwelling on the bad.

My first FAVORITE is how God puts things in front of you exactly when you need them. When I started my Bible study Thursday morning, I looked at the verse of the day on my Bibe app - Romans 15:13: "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." This verse has become my prayer - that my life would look like that verse. While reading that verse, I flipped back a little to Romans 15:5-6, which was the verse of my sorority in college, Sigma Phi Lambda. I am so thankful for my time as a Phi Lamb and for the people in my life who I know because of Phi Lamb, including my sweet "Phamily" and the beautiful ladies below!

Another FAVORITE this week is my discovery of the Wet Brush. Seriously, this thing is a miracle worker! My tangly hair is detangled in just a few brushes without even trying, and it's not ripping my shedding-prone hair out of my head, which is even better. They're less than $10 which makes buying one even better.

My last FAVORITE (not to be mistaken for LEAST favorite!) for today is that I was invited to speak at FAPC's Marketing with Social Media this week! But that's not the best part. Guys, they gave me a #SelfieStick. So far I've failed miserably at taking pictures with it but I'm determined to have a strong selfie game with this new addition. For real, though, it was an honor to be invited to speak about social media and I loved spending part of my day in Stillwater. Now I'm even more excited to watch my FAVORITE team play tomorrow in Boone Pickens Stadium - GO POKES!

Happy weekend!



I've said it before, and I'll certainly say it again, but I've missed this corner of the internet. After a lot of blogging talk in my world lately (Hi Lauren, Lisa and Karen!), I decided I needed to dust off the cobwebs and visit again, hopefully a little more frequently than I have been in the last year or so :) I decided #FridayFavorites was a perfect way to reenter blogland!

My first FAVORITE is that we recently got a storm shelter installed! Our house was only a few years old and in perfect condition when we bought it, so we haven't had to "fix" much of anything - the only thing that comes to mind is a bathtub that wouldn't stop running! Instead of having to fix, we've been able to enjoy living in it. However, there are a few upgrades I want to do, and top of the list was installing a storm shelter! After a fairly active storm season, Matt witnessed the extent of my fears and we arranged to have one put in ASAP.

A photo posted by Shae Mortimer (@shaeken) on

A photo posted by Shae Mortimer (@shaeken) on

Thank you to the Chickasaw Nation for providing grants to your citizens (even those of us not living in the boundaries!) to help make shelters more affordable! I'm so thankful to belong to a tribe who truly cares about their people. If you're local and looking for a shelter company, I recommend FlatSafe. They have showroom in Yukon and can do in-garage shelters on existing homes. They were also quick to get an installation date and really easy to work with - everyone I talked to was really nice!

My second FAVORITE is that it's SEPTEMBER!! I love September - football starts, fall starts, basketball is around the corner, there's a stock show, oh and FOUR of my favorite guys have birthdays! That's right, from the 19th-24th we will celebrate Trapaw, Matt, K and Kale all turning another year older.

Speaking of football, I've been writing this post for about 2 hours, but I keep getting distracted. I sat down to write and watch OSU's first game of the season. I'm hoping this game is just a fluke and not a sign of how the season is going to go. I didn't anticipate the Pokes struggling this much against CMU. It looks like we just need to give the QB the ball and let them run because that seems to be all that's working... Fingers crossed things start looking up ASAP! (Update: by the time I finished this, the game wasn't yet over and my Cowboys are up 24-13, so let's hope this continues!)

Another FAVORITE is that September is #HungerActionMonth! It's time to take action in the fight against hunger and help our neighbors in need. Oklahoma is one of the hungriest states in the nation, with 1 in 6 Oklahomans struggling with hunger, including 1 in 4 children. Click to learn more about hunger in Oklahoma, and if you're interested in learning how you can fight hunger, click here or contact me. Not in Oklahoma? Find your local Feeding America Food Bank here and get involved in the fight against hunger. If you're in central or western Oklahoma and need help with food, click here to find a Regional Food Bank partner agency near you.

The last thing I'm going to highlight today was my FAVORITE weekend this summer - our summer vacation! We spent 4th of July weekend in Nashville with my parents and brothers. I was SO excited! I'd never been to the Grand Ole Opry, and we went ON July 4 with Vince Gill performing! So, pretty much the best night we could've picked :) We also toured the Country Music Hall of Fame and I just loved the Trisha Yearwood exhibit!

A photo posted by Shae Mortimer (@shaeken) on

Happy Friday, friends! Have a great long weekend! Maybe I'll even see you soon for a weekend update ;)