New blog site :)

Hey, all!

This is the NEW Shae Suzanne blog! Because I have poured my heart into entries on the old blog, I will also be pulling them over here (slowly).

Why did I switch where my blog is hosted? I want to be able to update you more frequently! After waiting months for a mobile app from Weebly (where my portfolio is hosted - great for that use, by the way!), I finally decided I would just make the switch to Wordpress. It makes sense; I want to be connected 24/7, and the Wordpress app on my BlackBerry makes that possible.

Thanks for following me and being a part of my journey. As always, I love feedback (especially music suggestions)!

-Shae Suzanne

Sent with love from Shae's BlackBerry.

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  1. I am glad you did. Your faithful readers have been demanding more posts. LOL But seriously you always have good posts!

    My current favorite music favorites:
    God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes
    Beautiful, Beautiful by Francessca Battistelli
    Hold On by Rapture Ruckus