These are my brothers, Kaden and Kale. I love them tremendously.

[caption id="attachment_208" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Kaden and Kale[/caption]

Kaden plays basketball and is a black belt in karate. Kale plays baseball & loves riding horses.
I'm so proud of them, and I don't think I say that enough. So Kaden and Kale, this post is dedicated to you!

I prayed every day when I was a little girl to have a little brother. When mom and dad told me they were having Kaden, I was ecstatic! Kale was just like the cherry on top three years later. Boys, no matter what you do, always trust and have faith in God. Also always remember: your sister loves you and thinks you are awesome.

♥Shae Suzanne

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