30 day challenge...let's see if i can do this!

So none of us are going to pretend I'm good at blogging regularly, however, this whole 30 day challenge on Facebook seems easy enough that *maybe* I can do it here.

So, on day 1, you're supposed to post a picture of yourself with 10 facts...here we go!

1. My middle name is Suzanne; I'm named after my AK.
2. I have an orange bear named Orange Bear that I sleep with at night.
3. I love the books of John and Job. I know I probably shouldn't have favorites but those are just so great.
4. I love music. I know a lot of people say that, but it's really true.
5. I just got a new car. It's an orange Jeep Wrangler; the baby version of my mom's.
6. I prefer Twitter over Facebook.
7. I love Dee Henderson books but they terrify me when I read them at night...yet that's always when I read them.
8. I just recently rediscovered how much I love sheep showing. I'm so glad to be at home right now so I can be involved in my brothers' lives, especially in sheep showing.
9. Sometimes I mentally correct others' grammar while they are speaking, and it kills me to read a poorly constructed paper or professional e-mail.
10. My clock has been stuck at 4:00 for who-knows-how-long and though it really bothers me I am not inclined to change it.


  1. I definitely agree with 4,8,& 9. Life would not be as good without music, I miss showing too, and I totally correct people in my head!

  2. Can I go ahead and note that I only mentally correct people who I don't like? Because I feel like that's important to know. (RE: #9)

  3. So you must correct me all the time!