Favorite Pins of 2011

I just love Pinterest, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite finds of 2011.

I made these coasters for my grandparents for Christmas (not these exactly...their's were different patterns but just as cute!)

I also made a tutu (I strayed from the original pin a little...)

I bought ballet flats similar to these pink ones (mine are from NY&C)

I organized

and decorated

a house that I don't even own.

I found inspiration.

I learned how to put together an outfit.

I planned meals that I haven't yet made...

I planned road trips.

I found lots of things and ideas I like.

Other pins that make me smile every time I see them:
The fingerprint heart charm
Cute picture
Thanks to Matt, I love Big Bang Theory. Thanks to Pinterest, I laugh even when I'm not watching.
I love hugs.
As in, a lot.
This is just too cute.
Shower curtains are the worst part of hotels, and I'm so glad my house doesn't have any.
I tried this, it didn't work, but it's still cute and someone more talented than I am could probably do it. (I just bought sparkle shoes instead.)
I love orange and I love orange flowers.
My family has badonkeydonks, and we have no problem admitting it. We also love each other a lot. This is fitting.

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