What's a 3 day weekend?!

Late last week I learned that I had a three day weekend this weekend. Three whole days off all at once? Okay, I won't argue!

Saturday I went to the OSU game, and I must eat my words say, Keiton Page brought it. 40 points & 20/20 at the line. That's legit, and I will say I was actually impressed with KP. Now, bring that to Norman on Wednesday night and let's kick some sooner tail!

On Sunday, I went to Katie & Jared's house! They must have the cutest kid ever. I love her, and her tiny toms.

Speaking of Toms, I want some new ones. Have you seen their flats? If someone wanted to buy me some, I wouldn't object.
Tom's Ballet Flats
Anyway, back to KJ&P. I loved catching up with them. We had pizza and Sonic drinks for dinner, and Jared bought Sonic's new sweet potato tator tots. DELISH! (my phone autocorrects to all caps when I type that. oops.)

Yesterday, Julie came over to hang out. We played dress up, painted fingernails, and played with her new baby doll.

We also "played colors" on my computer. She's a real future artist - she doesn't use Paint, she uses Photoshop.

Definitely an amazing, relaxing and successful 3 day weekend. So thankful for it.

I need new running shoes. Any recommendations? The ones I'm wearing are from my freshman year of college when I was an Upward Basketball ref...meaning they're old ancient. I don't like shoes that make my feet look wide. I wear a size 5-6, so I don't need any help in looking like I have hobbit feet.

Thanks AK for the reminding me of that any time I might forget, btw. :)


  1. Looks like you've been up to lots of fun! I LOVE the new Toms flats too!!

  2. It was a lot of fun... I definitely think I need to get those flats :)