I just filled out my NCAA bracket. 

No, I'm not sharing it...I'm not that confident. Not a sports blogger, remember? Just a deeply devoted fan, who loves the game and is saddened by a losing season that we're no longer talking about on this blog. Looking forward! Anyway, if you want to see my bracket, share yours. I just thought I'd shed a little light on how I recommend you fill out your bracket this year. 

Bracketology with shaeken
1. Pick teams you like/want to win and those that definitely should win
2. Pick teams from good vacation states or states you like
3. Pick teams with the better color combo
4. Pick teams with cuter players

So scientific, right?

If I happen to come out with a halfway decent bracket, I'll let you know. I haven't yet patented my bracketology, so feel free to use it when you fill out your bracket.

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