Dear Googler, Part 3: Steer Butts?

Recently, several of you have found my bloggie via a humorous little search term.


The first time I saw this, I waved it off as someone going deep into search results and accidentally landing on my blog.

The next few times, I thought it was strange, but again, dismissed it.

Again tonight, someone found my blog by searching steer butts. So of course, I finally decided to Google steer butts myself and see what comes up.

I can't even make this up.

Apparently, thanks to this picture in this post, I occasionally show up in searches for steer butts (can I just abbrev to SB? thanks). I had no idea my family having cattle would cause this to happen. But let's back up a second. Yes, I had a photo of a steer butt in a blog post. It was about a livestock show. But WHY, people, are you so regularly searching for SB's? Can't you just walk outside and see one? Are you wondering what a normal one looks like? Are you needing help with it? Are you from the city? Wondering what kind of meat comes from one? I don't know enough about SB's to have anyone landing here because of this search. So I apologize to the next person who will find me using this search term. However, if you'd like to let me know why you were Googling SB's to begin with, I'm interested. Maybe I'll start answering your looming SB questions, or at least find someone qualified enough to do so.

Bless your heart. :)

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