"Love...will always prevail over evil."

Today was the 12th annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I didn't count how many of us went, but just off the top of my head, I think about 25-30 of us met at AmPo high school at 4-ish this morning to drive up together. Amazingly, "our parking lot" was available - I'm not giving away the location but I'll just say it's awesome enough that I'm amazed we get to park there every year. We walk to remember Blake Ryan Kennedy.

The Kennedy kids & friends who participated in this year's race, surrounding Blake's chair. 
Blake's cousins Kolby, Avery, Addison & Ainslee
Blake's family members who participated in this year's race.

Earlier this week, I also was remembering my sweet cousin Cameron, who went to be with Jesus 10 years and two days ago. This time of the year always brings about memories. My heart hurts and I still don't understand it. But I look around and see the green grass and the blooming flowers this time of year also brings, showing me a promise. A promise that though I might not ever understand the storm, the pain, the tears, God will bring beauty, hope and comfort to those who are faithful.

Quote from the announcer prior to the beginning of the 5k.


  1. This is so heartbreaking. I love that so many of you walk/run in memory of your precious cousin.


  2. Thank you - it is a great way to celebrate his memory. He is remembered by the whole town, it's incredible.