Take me out to the ball game

Last Thursday was a pretty good day. Why am I just now writing about it? Because it ended late and was followed by an amazing weekend, which will also get written about. Things have to go in order, you see.

My friend Chase and I scored front row tickets to the Redhawks game to take our youngest brothers, who are certain to be future big leaguers.

I'm a baseball fan, but I'm glad Kale was with me. He definitely had to say "duh, sis" a few times during the night...like when I asked what a curve ball was. He's a good little brother, so he played along :)

I think he had a blast, but I'll let you be the judge.

PS - the random slushy at the beginning of this? That was from a training class I had on Thursday, and it was delicious. That's all.

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