weekend rewind

I love weekends. For real, mine are pretty legit. Not that last week was anything to complain about... I spent time with friends, judged cheerleading tryouts (go bulldogs!) & watched opening week for my favorite baseball player, Kale! I also got a response from @garyeok thanks to this picture of Mac. #fanboy

But my Daddy FINALLY came back from Singapore at about 1a.m. Saturday, so my weekend automatically started off amazingly!!

On Saturday, I busted out my inner domesticated diva.

Chocolate chip cookies. From. Scratch. Brother & Daddy approved. Score!

Ok I'll stop making you hungry. Some had walnuts and some were just super chocolate chip-y.

I also decided to use my sewing machine again, for about the fourth time since buying it! I made an infinity scarf!

I'm making one for Lori too, and I think a baseball one for myself. If I get really good, maybe I'll do a how-to. But really, is so easy that you can definitely do it just by using common sense. If I can, anyone can. Trust me!

On Sunday, my twin/future s-i-l Lori and I finally got to go to another Thunder game!!!! Such a blast. We also went to the mall and she convinced me to buy orangeish lipstick. I know, I thought she was crazy to, but it looks much better than it sounds!

I just love the Thunder :)

Tonight, though I have a stupid headache, I was overjoyed to play with Miss Julie. To continue showcasing my domestic-ness, I made her a dress!

Love her. But, seriously, how much cuteness can one blog take?

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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