Wonderful Wednesday

This week has been kind of blah. It's rained, I've had a headache, and I've been so tired. But Wednesday, it was time for that to change.

So, I drove to Edmond, the land of stupid traffic and construction. I always think how nice it would be to live so close to things, then I go visit friends and realize I hate traffic and would go insane.

I pulled up in front of Laine's house and my Jeep looked so pretty and cleanish sitting there under a tree.

We take a nice drive around and see a pretty rainbow.

And then we saw this sign...

On this road...

And could only say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

So off we went, ladies and gentlemen. It's muddin' season, according to Laine.

It was a great evening with great company that definitely helped take this week from blah to ah! :)

Go enjoy the little things, grab a good friend, take a back road, turn up some JAB and take time to smile. Be blessed.

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