Memorial Day Weekend: Part 1

Who's three day weekend is so awesome that it requires three posts? #ThisGirl

After over two months of waiting, Laine and I finally got to see Josh Abbott Band on Friday night! We had front row seats and I was excited to see some of my favorite people :)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Me & Carissa (my cousin)[/caption]

As a bonus, Laine & I also got to meet JAB! Please tell me I'm not an awesome friend.

I also fell in love with the violinist. Like for real. He was so talented and I love he (and his violin, duh) is featured so prominently in their music.

Then this happened...

For those of you who are too lazy didn't want to click the link, Nathan Burris played at Riverwind after the JAB show. It was, of course, awesome to hear some of the songs from Oklahoma Sunrise live, and to catch up with people I never get to see. Again, great job Nathan!

Friday night was great, but it just got better from there... To be continued :)


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