I've had a sick pug the last few days, which has made me a sad girl. She's getting to be a bit of an old lady (though you didn't hear that here!) so it was worrisome. The result of her sick days have been a lot of snuggling ("pug snugs") and not much sleep, but she seemed a bit better this morning so hopefully Dr. Bayliff has us on the right road! Yay!
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="612"]At the end of day 1 of her sickness... Sleepy Pug[/caption]
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="612"]Yes, my pug is a back sleeper...she thinks she's human.[/caption]

Anyway, on to something related to the title of this post... Yesterday I wanted chicken tacos. So much that I found a picture on Pinterest and sent it to my mom. So much that I went to Target after work by myself (I hate grocery shopping. Hate it.) and bought everything I needed to improvise my own version. Since I am typically not a food blogger and definitely not one to take direction from, I have no pictures of the how-to process. However, these babies are dad and brother approved, so should try them.

I took chicken breasts, sliced them up and sprinkled them with Cavender's, something from Penzy's (I'm not sure what kind...), pepper and cilantro. I cooked them in a little olive oil and squirted lime juice on them (I'm sure you're loving my technical descriptions. Sorry!). When the chicken was done, I sprinkled on more cilantro, placed a few slices in a warm corn tortilla, drizzled with a little more lime juice and topped with pico. It was so easy, and if I can make something, anyone can. Also for those of you on Weight Watchers and/or looking for healthy dining options, dad said the three he had were only 8 points total. Yum!


  1. Beautiful pug face!! Pug hugs are the best :)

  2. Thanks! I may be a little partial.