A weekend of birthdays

I think I've made it very clear around here that I LOVE birthdays - and not just my own. Two of my best friends having their birthdays this weekend is almost too much happy for me to contain.

First up is today - Laine's 22nd birthday! You know him by now from all our concert attending and horseback riding. But in case you don't remember him, this is Laine.

He has been a favorite since my senior semester at OSU. If it weren't for him and Starbucks, I might not have survived homecoming.

If you're cool on Twitter, be sure to tweet 22 birthday wishes to @ldpeitzmeier. And yes, I mean tell him happy birthday 22 times. :) Lainey, I hope you are having a fantastic time in Dallas. Be good and I'll take you for birthday dinner this week...and THAT MEANS PRESENTS! #LaineIsAwesome

The other birthday this weekend (tomorrow) is Caylee's!

I'm in Tulsa to celebrate with her, so clearly she's having a great one :) I'm extra glad football season is imminent because it means I'll get to see Caylee more! Both loyal OSU grads, we of course have season tickets to watch our Cowboys play.

I've been very blessed with incredible friends, and I hope these two both have an extra great weekend. Love you both!

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