a date with my brothers

Last night was the start of the Tuttle Rodeo, and I got to go with both my brothers! They are awesome guys and I was proud to be with them for the evening. We sat behind someone who had never heard of mutton busting, and was wearing very crisp white clothes. Ha.

They wanted to stand by the bulls so they could be closer to the action, of course.

A little too close?

I'm just thankful neither of them wanted to do the Ring of Fear.

If you didn't get to go last night, be there tonight or tomorrow. It's really not that hot. Tonight, Nathan Burris plays at 7 before the rodeo starts. See you there?


  1. I cannot express how much I love these 3.

  2. [...] As you may know, the Tuttle Rodeo was this weekend. If you didn’t go Thursday and Friday night, you missed out on good music. If you didn’t go Saturday night, you missed the best entertainment I’ve had all weekend, and I’m talking about a weekend that included a tour of the Minco Metro. [...]

  3. Awesome picture of the boots! a country girls pride, is her boots! yeah buddy, aint that the truth!