Bull Riding and Barrel Racing

As you may know, the Tuttle Rodeo was this weekend. If you didn't go Thursday and Friday night, you missed out on good music. If you didn't go Saturday night, you missed the best entertainment I've had all weekend, and I'm talking about a weekend that included a tour of the Minco Metro.

Barrel racing has always been intriguing to me - I think it is so cool, but I could never ride a horse so fast around barrels. I would be terrified it would get dizzy and fall over! The junior barrels were cute as could be - tiny humans on big horses racing around, and you could tell they were all having a blast. I thought when the little boy on his mini horse raced that my "awe-o-meter" would just about break from overuse, but I clearly had no idea what was coming next: bull riding. I'm not talking about the eight second ride kind. No, I'm talking about the kind where a tiny human sits on a bull and prances him around the arena to run around barrels:

I couldn't stop laughing! This little girl and her bull were without a doubt the cutest things to step foot in the arena all weekend. They knew exactly what to do, and made the trip around all three barrels seamlessly. Also, those bull riders should take notes from her, because with a 78 second time, she definitely had the longest ride of the night!


  1. Wow. love your article. Very well written.

  2. The you Patty!!! Miss you guys!!