Mom, this is your fault. #princessproblems

You, Kimberly Jo Kennedy, created this monster princess known as your daughter, Shae Suzanne Kennedy.

It started out innocently, a cute little girl in a hot pink dress, dazzling the crowd with her adorableness and impressing the judges. That weekend (actually, this about weekend almost two decades ago - ah!), she won a princess crown and a lion. I was never told I wasn't a princess...in fact, quite the opposite.


When I was in FFA, it somehow turned into me putting on a poofy dress and representing the chapter on stage. This was fun, especially the whole singing on stage part. I guess my true colors showed when the ag barn flooded and I just gathered up the poof to walk around - barefoot of course.


So yesterday at work, when I was handed a mini tiara by a coworker (from a cookie, not just because I'm that awesome...thought that would have been a good reason), it should come as no surprise to you that I wore the thing.


All I have to say is this, all of it, every inch of who I am, good or bad rotten, is your fault.

Thanks for making such an awesome daughter ;)

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