Fantasy Football: week 1

I don't have many comments on my fantasy team this week because there isn't much positive to say yet... Other than thankfully, I am used to cheering for a team that is just on the edge of being awesome. You know, a team that has a lot of potential and some fantastic players but nothing seems to go perfect and you just have week after week of not quite enough.

Alright, if you're in my fantasy league, you're laughing. Why? Because I am a far cry from not quite enough... My team stunk this week! It was terrible. One of my players scored less than a point. #notokay

However, we are only one week in so I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet. But, for you fantasy smarties, at what point in the season do I panic and need to make some changes?

Also, does it help to wear team colors to cheer on your fantasy team? If so, I may end up looking like a hot mess.


  1. Have you looked at who's leading the pack :-)

  2. Daddy dearest, you're only winning because the system helped you!! :) don't worry, b.weeds and I will make a comeback.