Life lately {according to instagram}

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1 - Cowboy football started!!!!!
2 - it's Hunger Action Month - get involved! I took my lunch every day I worked this week as suggested on 9/3.
3 - Julie wanted a pedicure, manicure, hair style day AND to practice writing. Tuesday was eventful, to say the least.
4 - I ordered this AWESOME orange purse from Marley Lilly and it came in this week! I cannot WAIT to use it at OSU games. It is too perfectly cute. #TheMonogrammedLife
5. Daddy let me drive his truck Wednesday :) always awesome.
6. I also woke up sick on Wednesday :( not awesome.
7. I stayed home sick Thursday :( not awesome again, though the Thirty-One bag that conveniently stored all my needs is pretty awesome.

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