Tate time part 2

So as I said, I got to babysit Lori Jo's baby Tate the last two nights. He is such a great baby and we had a lot of fun snuggling. It's official - the Kennedy family (mom, dad and the boys hadn't met him until Monday) absolutely loves that tiny human. Kale loved holding him and watching TV, and Kaden helped him rock out to a little music :)

Monday night I barely slept at all... Every time I would doze off, I would freak out and worry about not hearing him! After a bottle around 11, he slept until 5:15ish!

Oh, Auntie Shae, I will definitely wake you up if I need you. Sleep a little!!


On Tuesday night, I took that advice and actually got some sleep...until around 2, when he decided he needed food. Oh, and a diaper change, of course. I went back to sleep thinking how lucky I've been that he hadn't had a dirty diaper the whole time I'd had him (I don't like smelly things).

Little did I know, he had other plans...when he woke up at 6, he was definitely a little squirmy. That is when I discovered he had left me a stinky little present. I guess that teaches me to count my chickens before they hatch!

This week was such a fun time getting to have play time with Baby Tate. Any time his grandparents would like to visit cousin Clara I will gladly take over their duties!


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