Happy 3 year liviversary to me!

I have a feeling most of you might not know what a "liviversary" is, so I'll let you in on it: a living anniversary.

Exactly three years ago, at 8:46 a.m. on Thursday, November 19, 2009, my life was changed drastically. While crossing Duck at Miller walking to Shelly Sitton's 9:00 a.m. class, I was hit from behind by a girl driving a pickup truck. Do the math, I shouldn't be alive; typically when a big truck hits a little girl she doesn't walk away. But I am, therefore I am thankful. Every day since the accident, and especially on the day of my liviversary, when I look at the scars on my wrist and knee, I am reminded once again of the life God has blessed me with. Through it all, God was faithful. This is the first year I've also been able to celebrate being 100 percent pain-free, so that is yet another reason for joy! For background, read my one year post or my old blog.

Guys, one thing I learned from the accident is to live, hence me calling it my liviversary.


My advice: Live fully. Take chances. Love deeply. Enjoy the little things. Find your passion. Thank God daily. Smile through the pain, no matter what, because if you are breathing, you are alive. God has a purpose for you. Seek Him and find that purpose. Make a difference in this world. You are a beautiful creation. Just live.


  1. I had no idea about this, thank you for sharing and for making me remember how lucky I am to be alive as well. I wanted to complain this morning (huge bolt in tire & no straw with my medium coke from Burger King) and now I realize that is just silly. Even though it's a Monday, I should be thankful for having my mom let me use her car AND having a straw here at work. So glad you wrote this post today. :)

    Happy Liviversary to you!!

  2. Thank you Cassie!! Mondays are the pits, especially when they are icky Mondays like it sounds like yours is, but being thankful for those little things definitely does help. Hope your tire gets fixed soon!! :)