In my line of work I get to play with a lot of fonts. This means I spend a lot of time searching for the fonts to match whatever I'm designing just perfectly. In these searches, I come across many fonts I love but can't use for the project I'm working on, so I download and keep a document full of fonts to look at (pretty fonts make me almost as happy as glitter). Soooo all of that to say, I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you, and if you're lucky/if I remember, I'll make a habit to share favorite fonts regularly.

If you're on Pinterest, you probably have seen one or a million chalkboard signs floating around. I love Jessica's chalkboards (you've probably seen them on Pinterest) and she even has a tutorial on how to make a chalkboard like hers. My handwriting isn't nearly as perfect, therefore my kind of chalkboard is the kind I can make on a computer...thus the need for chalkboard-y fonts!

Fonts with download link:
Dora Smooch
Chalk Hand Lettering
for Winter
Orange Juice

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