Friday Favorites

1. New U Nutrition {Herbalife}
I stopped by Monday at lunch for a shake & tea, and my comment on Facebook was "hello delicious." Seriously - I had a Reese's Cheesecake shake & a Raspberry Lemonade tea, and it was amazing. I will definitely be going back soon I've gone back every day this week. That good. Find a place that makes Herbalife shakes in your area and try one (this is east of Mustang across from Aaron's on the north side of highway 152, for my local friends). I've tried making the shakes myself and failed miserably, it just didn't taste the same...but their Cinnamon Toast Crunch tastes just like the cereal. I'm more than willing to spend $6 to get to drink a delicious, healthy shake every day.

2. My Birchbox eyeliner
I already talked about this one this week, but I've worn it every day and I appreciate it more each time I see that it's stayed put. That's all.

3. Girls Night
Aka tonight. Caylee is in town and we are staying at Meg's and having a blast. In fact, I wrote this yesterday because she's here right now and if I had to guess what we'll be doing today, it'll probably involve laughing at each other's hilarious stories and shopping for the Pinterest-y sort of night ahead. There's just something about having best friend time that makes my heart really, really happy.

I ordered one of their Long Sleeved Monogrammed T-Shirts on Thursday and I already am planning when and where to wear it. My go-to outfit lately has been a long sleeve shirt, a long cami, skinny pants/leggings and Uggs. Within like 10 minutes of ordering, my shirt had started being processed. They're SO fast on creating and delivering things, so I'm quite certain I'll have it next week...meaning I'll be wearing it soon. #CantWait

5. Liquid Mucinex
I was definitely feeling a little sickly-ish earlier this week. I took off from work a little early and went to the doctor. While I won't get into the hot mess that was the doctor's visit, I will say the advice to get liquid Mucinex was probably the best thing to come out of it. Within two doses I started feeling better. You'd think my sinuses would eventually realize I live in Oklahoma and the weather will always be crazy, and they'd behave. #DreamOn

PS - have you entered Cassie's book giveaway yet? 


  1. Ummmmm. I want a healthy shake!!! Every day!!! LOL

    Also, that shirt is super cute :)

  2. Hey lady! I read all about you on steph's blog and I know you have recently followed me and I just love your blog!!

    Newest member :)

    1. Thank you for following! Hooray!! :)