Slow Cooker Sweet BBQ Meatballs - Easy Recipe!

For Christmas Eve, my Aunt Pam made delicious Sweet BBQ Meatballs. I loved them and set out on a mission to find the recipe (you know, because asking for it was too easy). Thanks to Pinterest I found it and decided it looked so easy I could do it!

The recipe from Food.com called for
1 32oz. bag of frozen meatballs
1 9oz jar of grape jelly
1 18oz bottle of spicy barbecue sauce (I used regular BBQ sauce instead of spicy, because I don't like things to be too spicy, and it worked perfectly.)

Clearly I took a picture of all my ingredients. #not But I found them all at Walmart easily. I could only find a 12oz jar of jelly, so I just didn't use all of it, and I couldn't find a 32 oz. bag of meatballs - I used 26oz. It's okay, they will just be extra saucy. Also, if it's available, use Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce. It's the best, I promise.

Oh, you'll also need a slow cooker/Crock Pot. I bought a cute one at Walmart yesterday for $20!

Put the BBQ sauce and jelly in the crock pot and mix them up, then dump your meatballs in. Set the slow cooker on high and your timer for two and a half hours. Then grab a toothpick and stick it in a meatball to sample. Savor the taste. Share with everyone around you. Done! :) 

Note: this filled up the slow cooker about 1/3 or so of the way. you can definitely double/triple if you're serving more people, like if you're tailgating or something! Happy eating!


  1. Will have to try and make this!

    1. Let me know how it turns out for you - I hope as well as they did for me! :)