Thank Goodness for an Assistant Coach!

Remember that time I talked about my fantasy football draft? And then I gave a mini update saying they weren't doing very good? And then I posted one more update saying I was doing very terrible and never spoke of my team again?

Well, I'm going to update one more time because even though I was in 8th place going into the last night of the season, I somehow managed to save myself and not lose I gained an assistant coach, aka my boyfriend Matt, halfway through the season who saved the day and helped me move up two spots!

While I might not have drafted well, I have no regrets of drafting #Weeden2Blackmon even if they didn't get to stay on my roster long after my Assistant Coach started helping - something about they weren't scoring and keeping them in my starting lineup was causing me to lose.

In the end, my team didn't look much like the one I drafted to start off with, but I did get 125.32 points in the final game...quite a change from the 64.02 I started the season off with. I've already told Matt I plan to do much better next year, especially now that I know about things like the waiver wire (yeah, he taught me about that somewhere around week 9, and my points went up drastically).

Brandon & Justin, you're still my favorite fantasy picks, even if you were a slight mistake. Just be understanding if I don't pick you next year, please. Matt told me it isn't allowed.

PS: Congrats to my Matt on winning your league :) {sorry I cropped your face out.}

Only 221 days until college football, aka my favorite. Go Pokes!

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  1. All my friends are doing fantasy hockey leagues. Surprisingly, I have no idea how to do one. lol