A Weekend Update, with Magnet Girl

Some of you might remember the time I was walking and got hit by a truck, back in 2009. It was quite an event, but I recovered and aside from a few scars and a fear of crossing roads you can't even tell there's a thing wrong with me. However, I should have known that something that weird was only setting me up for even more weird things later in life. Things like getting backed into by a bus, on the road.

Friday morning on my way to work, yes, a bus backed into me. That's why there was no high-five Friday post - I wasn't feeling too high five-y, so I didn't want to share anything high five-y. I don't really feel a need to get into details on the blog, but everything's basically okay, it just threw my morning for a loop...and reinforced my fear of gigantic moving vehicles. Oh! I was in my jeep this time, so that's a plus. No bus-pedestrian accidents!

Anyway, other than that, things you missed out on hearing about on Friday include:

1. Valentine's Day!!
I was literally a walking Valentine. Thank you, Ann Taylor Loft and Gap, for providing the perfect outfit, and to one of my sweet coworkers for buying a me Passion Tea Lemonade to match as well!

Matt treated me to an absolutely amazing evening - complete with a fancy dinner and beautiful roses, and guys, those roses are still blooming! He clearly knows how to pick good ones. I contributed by making the one food I know I make well: rice krispy treats :) 
Could they get any prettier? Like seriously. Good job, Matt :) 

2. Oklahoma weather is still wacky. It snowed. 

3. Kale won his basketball game, and I found a place in Chickasha with Diet Cokes almost as good as The Barn in Stillwater: Dave's Cave. Now if only I could find such a place closer to where I work!

I'm completely fine with the court storming, to be honest. I did it once, it was fun. But the rowdy wasn't back when I did it, it was just a huge upset and there was no choice (which is why I did it while injured, thanks to that truck incident I talked at the beginning of this post). People, we've all been complaining about the lack of rowdy in GIA. I don't know how many times I've heard "bring the rowdy back" lately. Well, the rowdy was brought. Yes, it was an incredible win over OU, but it was about more than Bedlam, I think. The court storming was more about the energy of the place and the real GIA being back. Plus, most of the students who stormed the court haven't been there before, so this was big to them. The last legit court storming I remember was in 2010, which means the seniors were freshmen (Please correct me if there's been another one since, but I don't remember it.). Also, by haven't been there before, I literally mean they just haven't been at the games. A note to current/future students - buy the tickets. Go to the games. I don't like t.ford either, but support the team and, for the love of orange, bring the rowdy. 

5. Kaden played in Districts. They played hard but lost, although I'm sure we'll like the outcome of this Thursday's game much better. The only picture I have from the evening is from Matt and Molly. I'm pretty sure my pug likes him better than she likes me. #howrude

6. Yesterday, Kaden took me to lunch (okay, we drove his new truck to lunch. Since when is he old enough for this?!)

7. I ended the night snuggling by the fire with Molly watching the NBA all star game. 

Great weekend? I think so. Goal for the week: avoid semi trucks. :)

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  1. I remember sitting on the highway once with my best friend. There was a lot of traffic and we were behind a semi. All of a sudden the semi starts moving backwards...and we had nowhere to go because of the traffic!!! I started freaking out! Luckily the truck stopped about 3 inches from our bumper.