Be Happy Friday

I'm that girl who listens to the Sports Animal all day every day (yet last night Matt still questioned that I had even heard of Kyrie Erving. Really?), and Traber's Be Happy Friday music is always a good reminder that it's almost 5:00...another week survived :) Kidding!

Anyway, I wanted to share a little Be Happy Dance Party with you on this Friday...the Harlem Shake, RFBO-style!

And that, folks, is one of the many reasons I love my job.

In other news this week, my latest Birchbox came in (review coming soon!), I got an invitation to the Phi Lamb 25th anniversary celebration and a new stylus, all on Tuesday! Like, for real, Tuesday rocked.

Oklahoma decided once again to turn into a winter wonderland on #WhatTheHeckWednesday. I'm not even kidding with that hashtag, all day long I just wanted to say "what.the.heck." because everything about Wednesday just annoyed me. It didn't help that Starbucks mixed up my coffee and it was disgusting and they were mean. Or that both the Cowboys and the Thunder lost. 

Molly looks as sad as I felt during the OSU game.

On Thursday, Kaden played basketball and won! Tonight I'm headed to another game, so you can expect pictures. Until then, here's a little #tbt magic for you. 

Top left: Me & Caylee before Wicked!!
Top right: me and Daddy doing a 3-leg race at Dad's Day.
Bottom left: Matt & me at Bedlam 2011
Bottom right: Me, Caylee & Steph
And that's it. Happy weekend!

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