Don't tweet that!

My weekends definitely have a trend of being awesome lately. With girls weekend last weekend and all the fun this weekend brought, too, I'm thinking I'm onto something great. 

I'm backing up a little before the weekend to Thursday for this update. Matt sent me a text midday asking me to go shopping. Clearly my answer was yes. Seriously that is the most rhetorical question ever. Me + shopping = happiness. While we were shopping, I realized boy shopping is much less colorful than girl shopping. Meaning, last weekend at the Outlets, Meg, Caylee & I bought two things total that weren't full of color. Total, meaning between the three of us. Thursday evening, all I saw were shades of black and grey (except for the pair of corduroy pants Matt tried on to humor me). Seriously boys, doesn't that get boring after a while? Ha. 

Friday was senior night for AmPo, and the Lady Panthers easily defeated Fletcher. The boys game brought about a bit more entertainment competition, but the Panthers ended the game with the W. #GoAmPo
That #33 kid really makes me proud.
Alright, now before I tell you about my Saturday, you must know I classify movies into two sections: boy movies and movies I like. Meaning, if the majority of males I know would like it, it more than likely is scary, bloody, etc. and I won't like it, hence the term "boy movies." And if it is princess-y, pink, lovey, etc. they more than likely won't like it, therefore, movies I like.

So, Matt and I were discussing what movie to see, and the conversation went something along the lines of him wanting to see a "boy movie" and me giving him a look. You see, I don't like zombies...not that I've ever given any sort of zombie anything a chance, but still - I have decided at some point I don't like them. Matt wanted to see Warm Bodies, aka a zombie movie. Finally after watching the trailer and reading a review, I agreed to watch it - it might not have hurt that he told me we would go to the mall movie theater to see it and go early enough to walk around (again, duh I will go shopping! I think he's catching on...). Apparently IMDB gives some sort of color/number rating, and getting a green rating is unusual, so when Matt saw this was supposed to be good, clearly it peaked his interest, because he loves movies (I, on the other hand, haven't seen most movies). I will admit, after the movie was over, I looked at him and said something along the lines of "you were right, that was a fantastic movie!" The zombies weren't even too scary!
^That guy has good movie taste, ya'll. 
I played with Thabo on Saturday, too! 
Sunday was the Super Bowl Puppy Bowl Beyonce Concert Destiny's Child Reunion! Lori and I made plans to have lunch at Grady's, but Tate fell asleep right when we were supposed to meet. They gladly agreed to let me take our buffet as takeout, and I headed over to Lori's with food. By the way, Tuttle friends, GPG is open again and the lunch buffet today was great - especially the mashed potatoes! I can't wait to visit for the full menu.

After Lori and I finished lunch, she got called into work, so I got to spend the afternoon with Tate. And this, my friends, is when the weekend took an interesting turn (warning: does involve baby body functions. nothing too gross, I can't handle that).

Tate and I did very well playing and taking a bottle. Then he spit up on his blanket. No biggie, I'd just grab another. Then he spit up on that blanket. Then he had a really, really wet diaper. So, like any good Auntie, I took him to change the diaper. As I was walking in to change him, he spit up on my arm. Cool. Apparently he was full of it, because as soon as I took his diaper off, he decided I need a shower - and so did the floor, the changing table, his socks, etc. A bit later, he decided I needed to have all my clothes in the laundry, and spit up on everything he hadn't wet on. Of course, the fun couldn't end here, because I also got to deal with a dirty diaper and another spit up episode before his mommy got home. Clearly, at that point, he'd got it all out of him, because he didn't make another mess all night. Mind you - this whole time, he made the cutest little smiley face. Lori: "You should blog about it, Auntie Shae!" #done

When Lori got home, we watched the Destiny's Child Reunion (because clearly we all know that was the best part of the Super Bowl the only part we watched) then went on to watch Pitch Perfect. I finally get all of the movie references now! I'd just like to point out how much of a movie watching weekend I had. #winning! Lori and I had many, many twin moments, all of which I cannot share here because they all resulted in one of us saying "Don't tweet that! It didn't happen!" And by don't tweet, clearly we mean don't share at all with anyone even your dog. Duh.

Before I left, I had to teach Lori to do a perfect bun, which clearly resulted in a hair bow for me. 

And that's my weekend, in more than 140 characters. For shorter updates, follow me on Twitter. Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! And I'm totally loving that bow :)

    1. Thank you :) It was surprisingly very easy to do, too!

  2. looks like a great weekend and I'm so impressed by your hair bow!

    1. Why thank you! :) I'm thinking it might have to make an at-work appearance one casual Friday in lieu of the real bows I wear.