February CaraBox

It's time for another CaraBox reveal! This month I was paired with Falen and Brooke, and Brooke sent me some delightful goodies!

Since it was Valentine's month, Brooke sent me a date-night themed box. Clearly, nail polish & lip stick were necessary to get ready (and Essie's Braziliant is an awesome shade, Brooke!), along with gum for no stinky breath. Since Matt is a pizza lover, Brooke sent a pizza making kit, along with a movie and candy to complete a great date night.

Thank you for the CaraBox, Brooke! As soon as this wacky Oklahoma weather stops acting up (meaning the roads aren't frozen over), we fully intend to make good use of the awesome box of fun!

Want to sign up for CaraBox next month? Head over to Kaitlyn's blog now! 

Cara Box


  1. Ahhh what fun stuff!!! I had to skip doing the Cara Box this month, but totally signed up for next month! :)

  2. I love that movie, too cute! Great Cara Box!