Happy February!

Welcome to a special edition of High Five Friday!
It's February 1st, and because I love my blog friends, I made you a present.
(this is #1)

actually, I made you two.
(this is #2)

I framed these. First printables I've ever made, so don't be too harsh. They're 4x6, but if you love them and want a different size, I'll take care of that.
Oh, you want something else designed, like maybe a card for your sweetheart? I mean really, these are poor examples of my skills, because I just threw them together in like five total. But, I do like to make things. Really pretty things, like this. I hand drew all of the drawings in that link, and high 5 number 3 of the week is that I got several compliments on my drawings from people who are really, really awesome in the advertising industry this week. Nothing like an ego boost when you're in the middle of working on the most challenging project you've ever designed and are really needing some encouragement.
Anyway, back to selling myself. I made Matt's Valentine's Day card. I won't show it here before then, because I don't want him to see it #duh but if you email me at shaeken@me.com, I'd be more than happy to chat with you about making your honey a card. Or, if you don't need a Valentine's Day card, I'm not limited to doing those. I mean, I can do a birthday card, or a "you're my best friend" card, or an "I miss your face" card. Or a "you have stinky feet card." You know, just whatever you want. It doesn't even have to be a card. I'm rambling. So email me. We'll chat.

#4: OSU beat Iowa State, and Marus Smart made an amazing half court shot.

5: My Caramel Latte with Soy was amazing on Wednesday, and mostly because I work with some awesome people who went and picked up lunch and Starbucks, when I didn't have time to step out of my office for even one second.

Bonus: My Spice Girls Pandora station is awesome. 

Have a good one, ya'll

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  1. IF I had a boyfriend...I'd totally ask you to make a cutsie card. :)