Happy Friday!
Yes, I like putting "happy" in front of every day of the week.
It makes me more thankful for every day, and reminds me than even Mondays are a blessing.

This was a great week.
How great? I'll show you.

I bought some detangling spray.

I think the last time I used it was yesterday 1992 and I'm really not too sure why I ever stopped. But, thanks to Meg & Caylee helping me brush my hair a few weeks ago, I decided I needed some. This stuff is amazing. Why the heck did little me ever decide to stop using it? Whatever the reason, it is back in my life and made my hair much easier to brush. Oh, and on the hair note, I dyed my hair. I am working on having mermaid hair (in length), and while I will never go full-on red, adding a little red to my brown head works perfectly. And my ringtone is now Little Mermaid. #NoJudging

I made Pistol Pete Mustaches (and Pigs in a Blanket) with Matt.


Guys, Matt knows his Pigs in a Blanket, and he said the ones I made were good,
so this must mean I'm onto something when it comes to cooking. 

Oklahoma had some really pretty sunsets.

I pulled off the side of the road (no driving paparazzi here) to snap this picture of the sun
peeking around my Pistol Pete car scent. I was on my way to my grandparents' house,
where we celebrated my Granddad's 70th birthday!! Happy birthday, Granddad!
We had a "throwdown" - shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes - and it was delish.

I added new pages to my blog.
I added two new pages to the blog - Pretties & Printables, which features phone backgrounds, printable decorations, and whatever other "pretties" I create, and a link to the {Fantastic}Fonts series I do attempt every Thursday. That page will be updated weekly. I also added a new iPhone background, pictured above.

And tonight, it's Panther vs. Bulldog Basketball, meaning Lori & Baby Tate will be at the game.

You can bet Tate and I will be having many hilarious conversations. 

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