February Birchbox Review

Every month I talk about how much I love Birchbox products, but during February I completely forgot to talk about the products! #BloggerFail Anyway, I got a notification telling me that my March box will be here Thursday, so clearly I needed to get in gear and tell you about my latest goodies!

The Lancôme LA BASE PRO is a silicone-based primer. When I first tried it, it felt a little oily on my fingers and I just knew it was going to leave me oily and/or broken out. Not so! It was awesome, easily blended and felt weightless. Of course, when I read the description on the card I quickly discovered it was an oil-free formula, which made me super happy.

Miss Jessie's Original Pillow Soft Curls
I love the curls and volume this gave my hair! I put it in before going to a basketball game one evening and didn't have time to dry my hair before going, and yet it still made fun curls and was an easy way to wear my hair (hello, lazy days). This smells kind of like fabric softener, and the Original Quick Curls smells like lemons, and I definitely prefer the soft clean smell of this one to the strong citrus of the other, although they both work about the same.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
This scrub made my face feel so soft! As everyone said in the reviews, it leaves your skin bright (hello, name clues) and happy. I used it by itself and with the Olay Fresh Effects scrubber (which you'll hear about soon in my Sweetheart VoxBox review. Lots of reviews, you guys!).

Color Club Fiesta Collection Wild Cactus
The last two times I got a color club nail polish I was super disappointed - the colors were just gross and the polish didn't go on well or last for any amount of time. I've been wanting to inject a bit of the color of the year in my life, and this seemed like a great way - if the polish was any good. I put it on immediately & went to an AmPo game, where I realized it was the perfect green to cheer on the Panthers. I was quite surprised - the color went on well and lasted long enough for me to take it off a few days later (my nail polish changes frequently). This is definitely a winning color.

Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel Squares
Since these boxes arrived around Valentine's Day, of course BirchBox included chocolate! I always have loved the caramel & chocolate combination, and of course this didn't disappoint.

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  1. This is a great birchbox. I had to cancel my subscription because I never got anything good!