If you yardbirds listen to the Sports Animal, you know what voice I'm saying this in:
"High five!"
Anyway, tonight I'll be running with the fastest girl(s) in town under that Oklahoma sky. Don't worry, we'll be safe and not make any stops at the baggage claim to pick up nobody's fool.

Anyone catching on yet? 

Brenna, Lori Jo Twin & I are headed to the Miranda Lambert concert tonight! It's going to be a night of fun with two of my favorite girls.We bought these tickets the day they went on sale, so needless to say we've been counting down for a while. Side note, I think we need to make a trip to the Pink Pistol in the near future, ladies.

What else deserves a high five this week? 

Well, Tuesday night I cooked. Shut the front door. That's right, I cooked and everyone is still alive!

Matt requested Pizza Quesadillas, so after a stop at the local grocery store for ingredients, I was ready for the challenge. I also made chocolate chip cookies - from scratch. I'm practically becoming a mini Pioneer Woman. Anyway, my family wasn't so sure about the Pizza Quesadillas at first, but once they saw me making the first one, they quickly warmed up to the idea (even the pickiest eater Kale!). 

No pictures, but they're super easy. Lay out two flour tortillas. Spread some pizza sauce (which apparently is also spaghetti sauce? I have no idea) on each one of them - about a spoonful per tortilla. Throw the first one into a pan, sauce side up, add cheese & pepperoni, then put the second tortilla on top, sauce side down. Then just cook them like a normal quesadilla. Matt told me I should definitely add these to my growing cooking resume :) 

Another thing that deserves a high five (I feel like I'm talking a lot about food today):
Add some salsa for dipping (I used this kind on Tuesday) and you have a delicious snack. So tasty.

Calving season is in full swing!

This little sweetheart made her way into the world earlier this week. I've been told all that hair is a good thing, and I must say, I love a fluffy little calf! And her pink nose is just too cute.

Last night, the adventures of moving Matt continued, when I rode in the back of his parents' van with his TV. Apparently it was a picture-worthy moment - and I'm not including the one he got of me looking for the "cute little puppy" as I awkwardly tried to hold up the TV and turn to look...at a nonexistent animal. Regardless, it was fun, and the moving will continue Saturday! And the Thunder won, so that is a double win for Thursday!

Other awesomeness this week?
#C25K (aka, running) & tanning at the gym, being sore from Kaden's ab workout challenge & a new blog design & name! Sprinkles & Glitter are totally the it things, in my book at least.

Happy weekend!


  1. The food sounds delicious and those cookies look amazing!!! Happy Friday!!

    1. Thanks Steph! Have a great weekend!