Happy Friday!! Are you losing your bracket challenge yet? As I'm writing this, I'm in second place in my office pool and tied for second (with like three others) for Matt's Friend Pool (I jumped from last to second in less than an hour, so I'm not holding my breath that it stays this way you guys). Oh the sweet madness.

While I love some me time and I lived alone during college with no probs (well, other than that one time the terrible neighbor kids left fake bloody Halloween decorations on my porch and the police Daddy had to come up in the afternoon at midnight to secure the crime scene save the day - I was a chicken, alright?!), I stayed at home all.by.myself while the parents & brothers were in a hotel for their stock show all week. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but big windows and houses in the middle of nowhere weren't meant for each other. Oh, and when you're home alone, the gas line thing a mile away sounds louder than a freight train and wakes you up more at 3am than your ferocious guard dog snoring pug does. Needless to say, having real adults my family back home last night resulted in one very good night of sleep for this girl. This is a prime example of why I won't live in the country when I finally decide to grow up move out.

What good is a guard dog if she sleeps more than an infant?
After work on Tuesday, I went over to the state fairgrounds - conveniently located about four miles from my office - to help get ready for the next morning's show. Kaden & Kale both showed well this week, and I got to watch them from work thanks to OYE streaming the show live!

It's completely normal to paint your nails at a steer show. #not. 
I steer-sat this animal. Like babysitting, only more extreme.
And I didn't lose him!
I don't even reach his shoulders anymore.
After working cattle painting my nails, I had two starving brothers. We traditionally eat at Buffalo Wild Wings during every OYE, so we headed over to B-Dubs for some food...and found a line out the door. The boys decided they couldn't wait that long, so we settled for Cracker Barrel. Growing up, every time we would go to the city with Grandma Sparks we ate at Cracker Barrel, so I have some fond memories of precious time with a very sweet lady. While there, I fed my bow obsession in the form of a new wallet!

Thursday at lunch, I met the fam at B-Dubs for basketball and of course our OYE tradition! At that point, my bracket was still perfectly intact and I was relishing the moment. After lunch, I went back and made sure ESPN was streaming the OSU game to my computer (love, thank you ESPN). Around 4:00 CST, my heartbreak started. 

^That didn't happen last night. 

OSU lost. In the first round. With Superplayer Markel Smart Marcus Smart on their team. #OneMoreYear. Uncle Boone, please convince him to stay...and for the love of orange, talk some sense into Holder and get rid of t.ford. 

Last night right before I went home from Matt's, we discovered his neighbor kids got TP'd - before 9:30, on spring break. Parents: if you're gonna let the kids TP, let them do it at a decent time so that it's not discovered until morning!

Matt's yard collected a drifter.
And today, to put a gold star on an otherwise unremarkable week, I found THE cookies. 
I've got the girlfriend of the year award in the bag.
Matt said he needed some of the peanut butter Girl Scout cookies a few weeks ago. I hand't ran into any kids selling them, but thanks to taking a late lunch today, I found a group selling some. I'm holding them for ransom until I can get him to let me video him doing the chicken dance. He didn't know that part...until now! Just kidding, he can have them right away, because the best way to console your boyfriend after a Cowboy loss is by buying him a box of cookies.

PS - thanks Dad, Julie & Grandpa for passing out info on Beef for Backpacks. If you're involved with agriculture & live in Oklahoma, check out some info about it here!


  1. So stinkin fun! Those are my fave GS cookies, and that bow wallet is adorable!! Have a great weekend, dear!

    1. Thanks Falen! Hope your weekend was great!

  2. I love the nail color!!!


    1. Thank you! It's literally the most perfect color ever.

  3. First off, love steer sitting. :)

    Second off, good grief what the hell is the matter with Holder?!?! Ford has the best freshman in the country (even though the freaking announcers don't know his name) and all sorts of talent and he lets them play all sloppy and ridiculous. NOT okay. NOT okay.


    1. I think everyone is sharing one brain right now about Holder/Ford!! I'm ready to get rid of him for GOOD. Ugh.