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I signed up for this super cool thing called Influenster about a month ago, mainly because I love BirchBox & who wouldn't want to receive a box full of free fun! I was selected for the Sweetheart VoxBox, and I received some pretty awesome products that I likely wouldn't have otherwise tried, but I'm glad I did. Read on to see what I got and what I thought:

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the Olay® Fresh Effects "Va-va-vivid" product. I'd just bought a Nutrogena Wave literally four days before, so I wasn't overly excited about this initially. The Wave didn't seem to do much, so I didn't have high hopes for the Va-Va-Vivid. But, since I got it free & had already said "okay I'll review it," I popped it out of the cute little slightly annoying plastic packaging and squirted some of the cleanser on the bristles. Note: bristles - not a disposable scrubby pad. These rubber bristles were soft and squishy so they didn't hurt my face or scrub off the top layer of skin :) I tried it with the cleanser it came with, the cleanser I got from BirchBox and the cleanser I usually use, and it worked fine with all three. I love that I can use whatever cleanser I want and don't have to keep buying refill pads (side eye, Wave), and it's small enough to be able to go anywhere. Oh! And it's battery powered - no charging here. All positives in my book! Needless to say I'm definitely using the bristles off of this. Buy the Olay Fresh Effects V-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System here!

The Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response deodorant (whew, what a mouthful) was....interesting. It lasted all day & worked great even through workouts, but that was about all that I liked about this deodorant. I don't like anything too strong, and this was definitely very strong - so strong, in fact, that people several feet away commented on "that citrus smell." It wasn't a bad smell by any means, but I don't love smelling like a lemon all day. In short: it's great for the gym bag but it's not replacing my every day deodorant anytime soon.


I'd been wanting to try this for quite a while and I just hadn't bought any, so I was glad to see it in the Sweetheart VoxBox. I don't have the kind of hair that you can just spray something in and it looks perfect; my hair definitely takes a bit of work, so anything to make it look a bit better is a plus. I liked what it did to my hair when I used a curling iron on it then sprayed Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing  Sea Salt Spray (another mouthful!) - it just made it a bit more awesome and texture-y. I didn't like the results of scrunching my hair then adding this - hello frizz-ball! It definitely adds the texture! :) They say you can use it on damp or dry hair, but I've obviously had better results starting with dry hair. It smells good, too! I'll definitely buy this when my {huge} sample runs out (Bonus: it's super cheap. Like, $5 a bottle. Win!).

The SkinnyGirl Daily Coco-Nut with Peanut Butter bars were better than I anticipated, but the coconut & peanut butter combination didn't sound too appealing so I'd set the bar pretty low. In other words: I still wasn't really a fan. According to their website, these contain only 180 calories per bar. Only 180 calories? That seems great, until you realize you can instead have a whole bunch of fruit (hello sweet deliciousness) or almost a whole serving of Hershey's Kisses (9 pieces/200 calories per serving). And guys, I like chocolate, so clearly we know what I'd pick. So, these aren't the worst things I've ever tried, but let's just say that unfinished sample bar is as much as I ever intend to eat. 
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I'm an @Influenster and you can be too! Be a tastemaker for access to perks, products, and offers. 

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