Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? Good? Good. Mine was too:

Friday night, my dad grilled some delicious steak. I seriously can't even describe how great this steak was, but just trust me, it was the second best steak I've ever had. The first best steak of my life came while we were in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl last year and my mom's cousin Marilyn's husband Fuller (follow that?) grilled the best steak on earth. Dad's was a very close second, though. Also, I got my jeep back from getting a new bumper (thanks, bus), and it had this pretty little #okstate alumni tag on it!

Matt had Fantasy Baseball draft on Friday night, and I asked him repetitively if he won the draft. Apparently it's not a game you can win though. He also wasn't a fan of my suggestions for who he should draft, but I'll just say it now: Matt, no whining when my picks do better than yours this season. :)

Saturday morning, Kale had basketball games! Mom is one of Kale's coaches, and according to the picture below, Kaden has self-designated himself as a coach as well.

After Kale's game, I helped Matt start to move! Guys, I had no idea how long it could take a person to pack up a kitchen, but I kept finding things to put in the boxes I'd already taped up...lesson learned for when he continues to move next weekend: don't tape boxes until you're 100% sure everything is in them, because my tape job isn't coming apart easily. While he was cleaning out a drawer, he found a bazillion copies of pictures we took at Pistol Pete's birthday party a year and a half ago. One of them found a home in the frame I got at Dirty Santa...I think that two-month frame filling might be a record for me.

Sunday after church Kale had more basketball games! He played so well all weekend and I was very proud of him. He didn't appreciate the "great job" kisses I bestowed upon him, though...


  1. now I want a nice big steak :) hehe

    looks like a great weekend, girl!

    and cute picture of you and matt!

  2. I hate that my computer won't show me the pics but I read all the text! Good thing I follow you on Instagram!

    Can't wait for my email. Ha ha