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I got to Matt's house after work Tuesday anticipating a somewhat relaxing evening that would hopefully consist of watching a movie and playing with Thabo. He quickly burst that happy little bubble when he informed me it was going to be an educational date night. #UmWhat? Good thing I was in an adventurous mood, because otherwise I'm not sure he could have convinced me to go along with his plan.

"So, we need to change the oil in my car." 
"Okay, let's go get it done!" 
"No, I mean we're changing it."
<Blank stare>
Clearly I was incorrect in thinking we were going down the road to get the oil changed...and a little slow at picking up on that.

Eventually he explained that we - meaning Matt and I - were going to change the oil in his car. Like, no professionals. Since I knew this was going to be blog-worthy, I agreed to "help." 

So, off we went to Napa to buy oil and car legs. I'm not actually sure what these car legs are called, but they were leg-like and held the car up. Anyway, we got the car on the legs & Matt crawled under it to get started.

Confident he knew exactly what to do, Matt removed a few screws and a piece of metal and set them aside (also, I was clearly only supervising at this point). We realized something would be needed to catch the oil as it comes out of the car - slowly, according to every youtube video - so before he removed that part, I remembered I had one of the throw-away foil pans I bring him Rice Krispy Treats in, so I grabbed that, both of us thinking that would more than handle it.

He turned the bolt (I think, I actually have no idea as I was more interested in taking pictures and ensuring my shoes stayed clean) and we suddenly had a mini BP spill on our hands.

Not only did the foil pan not hold all the oil, it didn't even come close! Also, there was no "slowly" part to the oil draining! Within a second Matt was asking for something else to hold the oil that was quickly overflowing and going all over the driveway. #whoops. Ooey, gooey black oil, running all over the driveway.

Thanks to a few towels and a trash can, we were able to stop the oil from running everywhere...not to say there isn't a giant stain he gets to clean up. We were both armed with gloves and yet somehow Matt still got oil on his hands, and we won't even discuss how gross he smelled after it was all said and done. You would think he'd been under a car or something... 

Why do I not have pictures documenting this entire adventure? Well, I was taking pictures on Matt's phone since I had left mine inside, and clearly he wasn't going to send me anything incriminating, only those showing him hard at work! ;) 

1. Matt jacking up the car
2. A Car Leg
3. Matt under the car
4. Matt needing me to hand him a tool (I think)...I was taking my sweet time :) 
Well, Matt, it certainly was an educational date night, and I think the main thing we learned is that next time we change the oil in your car we either shouldn't do it on your parents' driveway or we should just leave it to a professional! Oh, and thanks to Google we learned how to clean an oil spill, I think we can handle that one much better than BP did! #PRLessons

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  1. My ex was a mechanic so I watched him do this stuff all the time! haha. It's a good think to learn :)