Easter Weekend!

It's Tuesday and I'm just now getting to post my weekend recap. Why is that? Well, because it was such an awesome weekend that I didn't want to miss a second of it to write a little blog post, of course! Plus, if I had posted about such an awesome weekend on April Fool's Day you might think I made it all up. Be sure to read all the way to the end because there's quite a treat at the bottom!! :)

Friday night I got to have dinner with one of my favorite childhood friends! We talked about all sorts of things and took plenty of time remembering fun times as kids - like the time my house blew away from a tornado the day after my birthday - two nights after my friends had been there for a slumber party, and how she came back a few days later to help clean the aftermath (which happened to be the first time I went out to the house after the tornado - such a great friend). And the time I gave her a super cute picture frame for her birthday...with a picture of me and some random other little kid that most definitely was not Ashley! It's the thought that counts, right? I am so very blessed to have friends like Ashley & her family in my life - the very genuine kind who you know will be there forever.

Saturday morning I made sure to sleep in because I was still majorly lacking sleep from our big event Thursday (see pictures here). Once I finally got around, I headed to the city for the adventure Matt had been planning all week. He told me to bring my camera so I knew it would be good. We got in the car for what I decided was called "Matt & Shae's Day of Fun" and headed to the Museum of Osteology - aka the Bone Museum! We spent so much time looking at all the bones and being amazed - "that's not as big as I thought it would be" or "WHOA that's HUGE!" were our most used phrases, I think.

After the Museum of Osteology, we needed a snow cone. So off we went to get the first one of the year!
Blue bubblegum = blue mouth. Whoops!
After a break to play with Thabo...

We went to my house for dinner and to hang out with my Hardy cousins! The sunset was beautiful on the way there, so clearly I had to snap a picture. I still didn't capture exactly how pretty it was though.

Molly loves Matt. Much more than she loves me, I think :(
Sunday after church, my family went to Aunt Bettie's house to eat and hunt eggs. 
the hiders
the hunters
After eating all the delicious food we could and finding all the almost-cooked eggs (side eye, Mag), we went to our land to "hunt" eggs - like skeet shooting, just with eggs - and to fish. 

Mom & her cousin Sherry, who is in town from Colorado
Kaden and Bear couldn't let Sam (Bear's dog) have all the fun in the freezing water - those silly boys had to jump in themselves!

And just as we were finishing up a great weekend, Bear and Magan had to go scare me. Watch the video below for your daily laugh. I promise, it's worth it (at my expense, nonetheless).

My cousins love {to torture} me. 

Hope your Easter weekend was full of celebrating Jesus and loving on your family!


  1. awww sounds like such a fabulous weekend!
    happy tuesday lady!

    1. Thank you!! :) Hope you're having a great week too! :)

  2. LOVE that you guys went fishing!! Oh, and I'm probably way, way behind, but the new blog header is awesome!!


    1. Thank you Tiffany!! I kind of slowly implemented it, so you're not behind :)