Life lately {in pictures}

A quick update, in the form of pictures (because those are always the best).
1. I made a camera strap cover. Not perfect, but I figured out a better way to make it next time...plus it's super cute anyway.
2 & 3. Matt and I had game night and played Jenga. Definitely took me back a few years...so fun.
4. Julie and I enjoyed watching Hunter's baseball game
5. My wonderful daddy bought me a camera lens replica coffee cup
6. Molly snoozed...a lot
7. JerBear played baseball and we all got to go watch him!
8. I took a picture of my great grandma's beautiful ring, passed down to my momma.
9. Mom got a retro phone earpiece thing... and apparently I'm now old enough to have things in my generation be called retro?
10. Matt and I made bubble pizza, and it was delicious. Team work for the win.
11. Julie dressed up in fancy heels I wore at her age and acted silly, entertaining me on a sick day.

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