Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Just four days of the work week and I get to have a three day weekend, aka my birthday is a holiday in my book and I'm celebrating it by taking Friday off!

In case you haven't guessed, I super love snow cones. So when I had them not once, but TWICE this weekend, I was over the moon excited.

Friday at work we were celebrating our volunteers, and the big boss decided to buy snow cones for employees too! Since I couldn't decide on a flavor, I went with rainbow - cherry, banana and bubblegum. Saturday morning I went to lunch with Lori & Tate, and while Tate was napping, Lori and I decided we needed snow cones again. It was about this time last year she started needing them every.single.day :) I got pink bubblegum mixed with wedding cake and it was perfect.

Also on Saturday Matt and I went to the movies. After much discussion of which movie we wanted to see, we decided on The Place Beyond the Pines. Hello, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. Well, for a movie that started out promising, it ended like a belly flop into the pool. Thankfully, the day didn't end in a belly flop, too - we had a lot of fun together (duh) regardless of the terrible movie. Even though Russel Westbrook is out for the season (cue tears), his surgery was successful and the Thunder did manage to pull out a W Saturday night. 

Sunday my day started when my alarm went off before 4:00 a.m. Every year, the Kennedy side of my family runs the OKC Memorial Marathon 5K (not the full, Matt :) ). Thanks to a slight miscommunication on our meeting place, we got to be at the worship service at the Survivor Tree before the marathon started!

9:01 gate - the chairs - 9:03 gate
The youngest cousins got to "princess run" - aka ride in a wagon!
Before the race, my brothers showed me their love. Kind of.

They're both so much taller than me! 

The outside of the 9:01 gate as we finished the marathon
Addison, Avery & Ainslee overlooking the reflection pool

The kid cousins who participated in the run - all Blake's generation 

the 9:03 gate
After the 5K, we ate our traditional family breakfast then we (mom/dad/brothers) went to Bass Pro. They have this fantastic idea of outside camping. As in outdoors where the wild animals, frogs and snakes live. #NoThankYouSir. So, they needed to buy a tent. I thought the display tents were puppy-sized. Because puppies need tents too. #not
Molly would be so cute in this. Except we princess camp - slash we don't sleep outside. 
After Bass Pro, we went to Remington Park for the races! Yesterday was Extreme Racing, so in addition to horses, they had camels, zebras and ostriches! Unfortunately after such a long day, we were so tired sitting in the sun, so we only lasted a few races (and the horses I picked got last every time. #notwinning). But, it was such a fun day with my family.

Hey stud.

Kale got to pet the camels!

Is it just me, or is he totally smiling?
When we got home, I enjoyed some time outside, getting some sun, reading a book/napping. And then I still went to bed early, because these 5:00 Insanity workouts come earlier every day, it seems. 

T-minus 3 days, loves. Get ready to wear your tutu's and get your sparkle on. Or, just wish me a happy birthday and let me be princess for a day as usual. 

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  1. This sounds like such a fun weekend and that run is so cool. I've only gotten to see the OKC bombing site shortly after it happened and prior to the memorial being built. I'd love to see it again.

    1. It really is incredible - the memorial is beautiful and the museum inside gives you such a good feeling of what went on that day, it's very interactive. If you ever get the chance to visit, do it. It's very moving.

  2. sounds like a great weekend! Congrats on running! That's awesome! I don't know if I can ever get to running a full or half...

    1. I hope I can! I'm wanting to do the Disney Princess half next February and the memorial half too. I don't think I have the attention span for a full!

  3. What a fantastic weekend!
    Stop by some time
    PS Would love to follow you on twitter @ToriGStyled