What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't participated in #WILW in a loooong time, but I'm loving a lot this week so I decided it was most definitely time.

1. This post by Matt, which was posted last week but I randomly saw today.

2. Duck Dynasty. How the HECK am I just now getting into this, Jack?!

3. My coworker David & and new friend K.k. got engaged and made this awesome video, and it's being picked up by all sorts of media. They're so fancy pants - such a fun couple!

4. Oklahoma is getting some SUPER RAIN this week! Even though I'm not a fan of storms or yucky, dreary days, I am loving this soaking, much-needed rain! Praise Jesus!

5. Essie's Turquoise & Caicos. My love of this color is back with the spring and I look forward to using the entire bottle :) I'm currently rocking it with one silver sparkle nail on each hand {of course}.

6. It's exactly 30 days until my birthday! May 2, I fully anticipate you to be a fantastic day. Ahem, mom, your reminder.

Alright, that's a lot of love for the night, and I've got some Duck Dynasty and New Girl to catch up on. Toodles. 


  1. Love that nail polish & that sweet post from your boyfriend :) :)

    Woohoo on the birthday countdown!

    1. Isn't he the sweetest? I didn't even see it until it randomly popped up on my Facebook yesterday, and it just made my day :)

  2. haha number 1...my husband would love that too!

    ...and we may have needed the rain but no thank you! Bring me back my sun and warm blue skies!

    1. Haha, yeah, I was a little excited to see him bragging on me, haha.

      And yes - I'm about done with the rain and grossness! I want happy sunshine!