Good morning! {Or afternoon. Evening. Night. Whenever you read this, I hope it's good!} It's time that I share a few little pieces of sunshine.

1. Speaking of, I'm loving the sunshine
Yesterday was cloudy and gross. Today? It's so darn pretty. It's cold, but I don't mind a bit because the sky is blue and the sun is out. Happy, happy, happy.

see more pretty prints here - I just added new ones!

2. Spark
Mom and I have been doing Insanity for the last few weeks, and working out before the rooster crows at 5:00 a.m. means I need some serious energy because I'm NOT a morning person (just ask...anyone). So, Advocare's Fruit Punch Spark to the rescue! I love it.

3. Garden Ridge
I went into Garden Ridge to buy a cake stand, because, in case you forgot, #Shaes24th is next week, so clearly I needed one, and they had a cute one that can be glitterified for $12. Recently I turned my desk into a hair/makeup area - I never used my desk as a desk anyway, and I was tired of doing my hair on the floor. Well, I needed a lamp for this area, and hadn't been able to find one I liked that wasn't ridiculously expensive. We're talking a really, really tiny lamp - I was not paying $25 for something that small, people. Well, Garden Ridge must have heard my whining, because I found the cutest lamp ever for a grand total of about $8. It's pink and has a white sparkly lampshade, and fits perfectly in the small corner I needed it. Plus, Garden Ridge has these cute little critters who I almost brought home.
I've always wanted a mini pet elephant.
Side note: I've had three good hair days in a row. #winning 
4. $45,000
Yes, you read that right. Forty-five thousand dollars. That's how much money the Regional Food Bank can win from a grant from Walmart. BUT to win, we need to be in the top 40 vote-receiving food banks. So, PLEASE CLICK HERE and VOTE for the Regional Food Bank to win. That $45,000 equals 225,000 meals. Imagine all the hungry people who could be fed! Please go vote now! :)