I've not been reading any blogs lately (and clearly I haven't been blogging, either). Mostly, because I've been entirely too busy at work (love working somewhere that responds immediately to disasters and sticks around for the long haul, btw), but also because disasters involving tornadoes just hit really, really hard. I may talk more about it all later, to get my thoughts out of my head, but right now, I just want to ask you to pray for Oklahoma. I know most of you already have been. Continue, please. I love Oklahoma so much, and I know what those who lost homes are going through. It really stinks. Pray especially for those who are also dealing with the loss of a loved one. And if you know of someone who has been affected by this storm, please visit regionalfoodbank.org/helpok for some helpful resources.

Long after the media attention leaves, Oklahomans who have lost everything are going to be putting their lives back together. You see the nasty mess left behind by the tornado's destructiveness. But after that mess has a big dent put in it, people are still buying the basic things we all take for granted, finding a car, hoping their workplace will open soon, picking out house plans and planning to rebuild.

If you want to help with relief efforts, the Regional Food Bank is providing food and other necessities. You can text TORNADO to 32333 to give a $10 donation to disaster efforts with the Food Bank. The $10 will be applied to your phone bill. Give what you can, volunteer if you can, but pray without ceasing.

Another option to #HelpOK is to match me! We designed these t-shirts for staff to wear, and after many requests, we decided to sell them too. Get your shirt at http://bit.ly/HelpOKshirts. Orders will be taken through June 5 (Wednesday).

You can find out more about the Food Bank's disaster relief efforts and other ways to help at regionalfoodbank.org/helpok, twitter.com/rfbo and facebook.com/regionalfoodbank.

#PrayForOK #HelpOK

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