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I don't claim to be a professional makeup artist - I'm probably more on the level of "tiny human with a crayon" - but I do have to look nice for work, and I want to look nice outside of work, so that means wearing some makeup. I do claim to love sleep, which means I want to stay in my warm bed as long as possible. I also am super busy, so I don't have time to redo my makeup in the middle of the day as it awkwardly smudges off or gets shiny. I'm also not a makeup snob, as you'll find - I use a mixture of what suits me best, no matter the cost, brand, etc., as you'll see. In case you're not following, I like the simple, easy things that last all day and make me look my best with not much work. I've found a few products that do just that so I thought I would so kindly share with you!

  1. I never paid much attention to my eyebrows aside from getting them waxed until about 3 months ago when I was getting a pedicure at the Pink House. I mentioned to my mom that I needed my brows waxed and they said they could do it for me. Perfect! When she was done, my eyebrows looked better than they've looked ever in my life, and I couldn't figure out what the heck made the difference. After much thought, I realized they had color, they were defined, and remembered she used a pencil on them after waxing. Well duh, it was time to buy a brow defining pencil. After trying a few, I fell in love with this pencil from Avon. It's gotten to the point that if I don't pencil my brows in the morning, I feel completely wrong. Buy it here from Avon or find a local representative. Right now this is on sale for $1.99. 

  2. I haven't ever been a huge fan of wearing eyeshadow, but I recently stumbled upon Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Tattoo. Hi, new best friend. It meets the criteria of staying all day, not fading, not smudging. It's a cream gel shadow so I don't have to carry around brushes - just use my fingers, dab a little on, and I'm good to go. You can layer the colors if you'd like, use as a primer for powdered make up, use by itself, or even as an eyeliner.. I typically wear the Barely Branded - it's a nude color that just gives something other than my face makeup color to my eyes. I have pretty sensitive eyes, and they don't have bad reactions to this and my eyelids don't get awkwardly oily (gross!). Bonus: it's available at every store from Walgreens to Ulta & is super cheap, and I've never worn MAC, but everyone who has says it's exactly like MAC just cheaper. PS: You don't have to go overboard with it like they do on the Maybelline website... I wear it and my eyes look completely normal, promise. 

  3. I have a tendency to get shiny through the day, but applying this at lunch will keep me shine-free! Neutrogena's Shine Control Powder doesn't add any weird color or make you look pasty, it just does what it's supposed to do: control the shine. I've tried a million powders and this is my favorite. Again with the sensitivity, this hasn't caused breakouts or itchy-ness. The onlly downside is it comes with one of those cheap sponge-like pads to apply. Instead, I use a fluffy brush to apply. I like to keep this in my purse so I can use it whenever I need. I buy it from Ulta or Target but it's another cheap-o drugstore brand so it's available everywhere! (There's also a shine control primer that's wonderful if you're in need of extra shine control!)

  4. CK One Color - I use the foundation, the concealer and the mascara! This is literally my favorite makeup I've ever worn, ever. The foundation (pictured) is a serum, foundation and primer all in one, plus it is SPF8. Yay!! It has a light scent so it doesn't have that nasty makeup smell, it goes on light & natural but covers well, and lasts all.day.long. They have a nice range of colors to pick from, and you've got to admit this packaging is super cute. You can get it for $30 at Ulta. Like I said, I also wear the mascara in Show/True Black ($18 at Ulta), and people are always asking "WHAT kind of mascara is that?! It makes your eyelashes look AMAZING!" People, maybe I have some pretty good eyelash genes. But then I'm forced to admit that it really is just an amazing mascara. Last, for those days you have a little "pal" pop up, the mousse concealer is awesome. I wear Sand in both the foundation and the concealer ($20 at Ulta).

  5. My last favorite thing today (I know, like every other logger) is the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm. I love the Strawberry Sorbet, and have one for work, home and purse. Before I tried it, I'd been told they were super waxy, so let me stop that rumor right here! These are moisturizing and last so long, plus they smell great. They don't have any color but sometimes I do wear them with a lip stick/lip stain. I've been told the lotion is equally as awesome so that's next on my list to get.

And there you have it, the list of my favorite makeup! What makeup do you love?

I was not compensated in way way for this review - I bought all the products and wrote the reviews on my own.
I just wanted to share this awesomeness with you all since I love it all so much :) 

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