Happy Weekend.

Since May 20, things have been a bit of a blur. I decided it's finally high time to get life back in order and get back in the swing of things, drink some water instead of caffeine and possibly check those hundreds of emails I've let go unchecked for three weeks. #oops.

I couldn't have picked a better weekend to do all of this, either! On Friday, another business sent Hideaway to work as a "you're doing great work!" treat for my office! My favorite pizza in all of the planet was included - the Big Country.

I have such great Hideaway memories - birthdays with Hailey and homecoming with the Kennedy/Ratcliff group, just to name a couple of my favorites!
On Saturday, after playing paparazzi working for a few hours, Matt and I took the top off my jeep and went up to watch Kale play basketball. He played so hard and his team did great! After 4 games, they were worn out. On the way back from the games, we had a jam sesh in the car and Matt serenaded me to some Backstreet Boys. #keeper
I tried recording him, but the music shut off when I turned on the video camera. Thanks, iPhone, for not cooperating.  #WompWomp

Happy Saturday!
My weekend ended Facetiming with my Taterbug. His constant giggles made Auntie Shae's day!

Kale's baseball season has officially started, and he's playing with Junior High kids - since when is he old enough for this?! My brothers are growing up! Oklahoma weather is finally cooperating (knock on wood) and the top's off my jeep - it's time to get a seatbelt tan and crazy messy hair. It's also light enough outside that Insanity is being replaced with running if mom and I can actually wake up early enough. :) Happy summer, friends. 

Can I credit myself? Cause I just did.

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  1. 1. Big Country pizza from Hideaway is THE best. OMG, now I am craving some. And a salad. They have great salads there.

    2. I'm way, way, way behind on blogs and on life, but Matt is super cute!! Is he new?? (I say that like he's a puppy!)


    1. 1. They do have great salads...and mushrooms. I need a Stillwater trip :)

      2. I'm super behind too, so no worries! He isn't too new - he's been around {officially} for about 6 months :) He's pretty super. (And he has a fantastic puppy, Thabo, who I adore...so it works! Haha.)