High 5, Friday!

I've thought it was Friday every day since Wednesday, so I'm clearly excited today is finally here! It's been a super fun week though, so let's hand out some high fives :)

1. Marley Lilly had a flash sale! I already talked about how in love I am with the #Merica bow I ordered. Well, my order is processing, which means it should be headed my way soon!
One of the best emails to receive!

2. Thabo visited the dog park! We went Wednesday after work, and Thabo made friends this time :)

He also enjoyed the water and was a little duck swimming (and walking) around like a pro. He's the dot in the middle of the video. 

3. All together now...."Awe!!"
My brother's pup, Max. He now likes treats. #oops

4. Last night I got to feed the cattle with daddy. He had me stop the truck in the middle of the field as we were herding our donkey (formerly known as Johnny Appleseed - now called Bugs) so that he could pick me a weed. :)

5. The last high five goes to Pinterest...just for being awesome. 

Now it's time for the weekend (well, after a day of work)! It better include a snow cone...and lots of Vine videos, of course. :)

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