"...Bring them up in the discipline & instruction of The Lord."

What a great responsibility given to dads! They are instructed, in Ephesians 6:4, to bring up their children in the discipline and instruction of The Lord. This weekend we got to celebrate Dads (and today, it's continuing on my blog)

My Daddy, Terry, is a godly man who loves Jesus, my momma, and his kids. He is a friend and a humble servant. He works hard to provide for our family and enjoys spending time with us as well - working the cattle, a game of one-on-one, fishing, finding things to do or buy for us that will bring us joy. I enjoy photography and coffee, and my dad bought me a coffee mug that resembles a camera lens! He prays for us and with us. He's driven late at night and in bad weather to take care of me when I was at school, rescuing me from the antics of the neighbor kids. He was "cold and heartless" when changing my bandages after my accident, doing all he could to help me be comfortable and heal. He enjoys bragging on me and my brothers - his office is covered in newspaper clippings of stock shows and handmade "prizes." I've never heard a single person say a bad word about my Daddy - people at his work admire him, people at stock shows and basketball games become his friend instantly, people at church know his great character and love. Dad is a "behind the scenes" kind of guy - he is happy to silently serve. He loves spoiling little ones and always has a smile.

In addition to having such a great dad I also am blessed to have three wonderful grandpas - my Granddad, Trapaw and Grandpa Kenny - and memories with three great-grandpas - Grandpa Sparky, Poppa Olie and Grandpa Hardy.

My, how blessed I am. Thanks for being YOU, Daddy.
Daddy & I at Dad's Day 2009

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