What I'm Loving Wednesday: Twin Edition

Today is a special installment of #WILW because it's my Twin Lori's birthday!!! 

The first thing I love, of course, is my Twinniekins herself
Lori & I at Junk Hippy last weekend!

Next up, Baby Tate of course! Without Twin, there would be no Tate, so this definitely deserves a birthday mention.  
Tate's first slumber party with Auntie Shae

I like big bows and I cannot lie. So does Lori. Duh, we're twins, we like everything the same. Except maybe this hair bow is a little too ridiculous....

Glitter. As if there was even a doubt. 


I hope your day is magical and as glittery and stellar as you are! I love you to the moon! (PS your present is late. Duh.)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Tate is adorable!! Happy Birthday! :)