Glitter Hairbrush

"Hi my name is Shae and I'm a glitter addict ."

I guess that's not a huge surprise since my blog is named Sprinkles & Glitter...

A few months ago, Caylee, Meg & I had a Girls' Weekend and painted our little hearts out. Of course, no day with me is complete without some glitter, so we also made a Snap Cup (which I've talked about several times before). The base and rim are covered in glitter.

I was on Pinterest a bit ago and saw a glittered hairbrush. Well, duh, why didn't I think of that? I don't really enjoy brushing my hair (sorry, Caylee) but I figured it was a good habit I would start if I had a glittered hair brush! I improved changed the directions from the link above, so follow whichever directions you feel comfortable with even though mine are better, clearly.

1. Assemble Supplies
You'll need Mod Podge (not the matte kind - I used gloss), glitter, a sponge paint brush and of course your hair brush. Not pictured: Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine Sealer. I worked on giant white poster board so I could put the extra glitter back in the jar. Also, I didn't use fancy pants glitter, this was actually from Walmart. I wanted chunky glitter rather than super fine glitter, but you can use whatever your heart desires.

2. Using your foam brush, paint some mod podge on the back of your brush. Don't be stingy, but don't put gobs on there either - enough so the glitter will stick. 


Sprinkle the glitter over the mod podge. Shake, shake, shake! Clearly I used a lot of glitter. What do you expect, really? Also, you'll see I didn't glitter the handle. Two reasons: 1. I didn't want to hold glitter while I was brushing my hair and 2. I bought a squishy handle hair brush (mainly so I wouldn't over-glitter it, if we're being honest. I can sometimes go overboard with glitter. Ha! As if that's even possible.).

Allow this layer to dry for a couple of hours, then repeat steps 2 & 3 to make sure you have it super covered. Again, let it dry for several hours - like more than last time.

4. Spray it! I don't recommend doing this inside, because you will smell paint fumes for days! Also don't do it by vehicles if possible. 

5. Again, let it dry! I keep emphasizing this because there's nothing worse than a fingerprint in the middle of your craft. Okay, there are worse things, but that would really stink. I literally didn't touch mine for three days. I'm pretty sure it was dry enough to use on Day 1, but I wanted to be really sure I wasn't going to mess up the glitter. 

6. Enjoy your creation! I've brushed my hair every single day since glittering my hair brush (Caylee, are you proud?) and I just love having it sitting out so beautifully! #PrincessProbs

Also, be prepared for the following reaction when you tell people that you've glittered your hairbrush: "You're so going to complain when glitter gets in your hair every morning. I don't even want to hear about it." Firstly guys (side eye family), when have I ever complained about glitter? And second, this is such an awesome method that your glitter won't come off! It's stuck! You have a beautifully glittered brush to fix your equally beautiful (although probably not glittered) hair. Hooray!

What are you going to glitter today?


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